At the end of October, the German brand Bosch — the market leader in large and small household appliances in Russia — presented a new line of Unlimited cordless vacuum cleaners, which are designed to make daily home cleaning faster, better and more comfortable.

The company’s devices combine all the most basic qualities that buyers look for when choosing a vacuum cleaner: a powerful motor, compactness, maneuverability, ease of use, ergonomics, excellent design and a very simple system for cleaning the dust container and filter. However, there is a unique “trick” that distinguishes these devices.

The advantage of German brand cordless vacuum cleaners is their almost infinite battery life. It is no secret that devices of this type (without a direct connection to the mains, on a battery) have a limited time of use and “sit down” rather quickly. For further work, they need a break and recharging. This can happen right in the middle of cleaning, and you have to wait about an hour until the battery of the device is charged again.

In the company’s new vacuum cleaners, this problem was solved by the ability to quickly replace a dead battery with a spare, fully charged one. That is, if the main battery is dead, and the cleaning of the home has not yet been completed, you just need to put a replaceable battery in place of the discharged one and immediately continue the planned cleaning program. And by the time you get out, the main battery will have time to charge.

Summing up, we can say that the company has created vacuum cleaners that combine the two most important components necessary for easy and pleasant home cleaning of any complexity: comfort of use and the most efficient result due to the absence of long pauses for recharging.


By Yara

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