Askona, the largest manufacturer of products for healthy sleep, introduced the world’s first smart pillow Smart Pillow to the Russian market, which was presented at the brand’s flagship store located in one of the largest furniture centers in Moscow.

The innovative pillow reads biometric indicators during sleep and shares them with the user in a special application. An ultra-precise sensor is placed inside it, which sensitively monitors micro-movements, records the heart rate and the depth of breathing.

Further, all the collected information is systematized, analyzed and visualized through a mobile application – graphs and charts make it possible to compare many parameters and highlight the causes that affect sleep. Every night, the app evaluates the quality of sleep in points and gives professional advice that helps the body fully recover.

In addition, the smart pillow has an important medical function – it detects temporary pauses in breathing during sleep (apnea), which allows you to track the disease at an early stage and consult a doctor in time. Another functional feature is the built-in smart alarm clock, which determines the optimal time to wake up, resulting in the user waking up easily and feeling awake all day long.

“Askona has become the first Russian company that managed to attract the best specialists from all over the world to create a smart pillow with built-in sensors and sensors. I am sure that our development will become an indispensable gadget for the bedroom not only in Russia, but also abroad,” said Vladimir Korchagov, Executive Director of the brand.


By Yara

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