TV presenter Irena Ponaroshku in an interview with 7 Days magazine, she talked about how she takes care of her body.

“Cellulite is, of course, present in small amounts and can be seen in certain positions or lighting. But not to say that this is my everyday pain. Massage and sports are quite effective measures to prevent it. I also constantly experiment with anti-cellulite creams. I like how my skin feels soft and smooth after. In general, they definitely do not do worse. As for ordinary body creams, here I made a knight’s move – I installed a very good water purification system in the house, thanks to which the skin does not dry out at all after a shower. So I don’t have to use any oils and lotions every time. I am for the skin to learn to self-regulate. For example, I generally didn’t wash or smear my child with any means until a year old – neither with powders, nor with diaper cream. Our skin itself is able to adapt to the environment, and the less we stuff it with something, the better. I’m talking about the body, but, of course, we need to take care of the face more actively, since our society has overestimated aesthetic standards, ” Ponaroshka noted. Read more>>


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