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Now there are many products on the market that threaten to replace the cream. It seems that the texture in a jar or tube is already the last century. So is it possible to replace the cream or not, she said Irina Galko, leading cosmetologist of MIXIT brand.

Is it possible to replace the cream with a spray or mist


From Korea, the fashion for mist came to us. In fact, it seems that it is a cream in the form of a spray. It moisturizes, nourishes and protects from the sun. For many Asian women, this beauty product is a real must-have in their daily skincare routine and is always in their purse.

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1. Thermal water La Roche-Posay. 2. Five Elements thermal water. 3. Tonic “Living water” Lush. 4. Anti-aging spray-mist with retinol Retiage Sesderma. 5. Vitamin face emulsion “Korean secret” K-Beauty by Avon.

And this is no wonder. With the help of mists, you can refresh or moisturize the skin throughout the day, special products from this category even fix makeup. Mists are ideal for hot weather, as well as during the heating season, they are indispensable when traveling (for example, on an airplane or train, where the air is dry). Enough pshika, and the skin will come to life.

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1. Tonizing mist with vitamins P, B3, E and C Mixit 2. Moisturizing mist-spray “O’Termal” SPF 30 Uriage. 3. Cream-mist L’Intemporel Blossom Givenchy. four. Thermal water Avene.

“But any face cream or serum, unfortunately, cannot be replaced with a mist. The mist is designed for any type of skin, it only moisturizes, protects from the sun or refreshes, but does not solve the global problems that a cream or serum is designed for. For example, it does not fight wrinkles, acne, and cannot meet the needs of very dry or oily skin. Mist works well in a team with a cream or serum, but cannot force them off the shelf in the bathroom, ”Irina notes.

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1. Moisturizing mist “O’Termal” SPF 30 Uriage. 2. Grape water Caudalie. 3. Mary Kay Coconut Facial Spray. four. Moisturizing mist L’Eau de jour Rivoli.

Is it possible to replace the cream with a sheet mask


Another Korean invention – sheet masks, just sharpened for different skin types and problems. Due to the base, which is impregnated with the active substance, a greenhouse effect occurs, and the products from the mask are better absorbed by the dermis.

Photo: lysedia, estee lauder, ansaligy, sally’s box, COMMON LABS

one. Anti-aging fabric face mask Liftage Masque Tissi Sublimat Lysedia. 2. Mask moisturizer with vitamin B5 COMMON LABS. 3. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Face Mask. four. AnsaLigy for You lifting patches with amber granules and serum. 5. Aqua Skin Solution Mask Vitamin C Sally’s box.

So why then the cream, if the patch works much better? Experts say that it is better not to flirt with sheet masks, and do not cancel the cream.

“In fact, sheet masks should not be used that often. It is necessary to clearly understand what effect we want to get in the end: cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing, rejuvenating. With frequent use, the components accumulate in the skin in excessive amounts, this can lead to overload and the occurrence of an allergic or inflammatory reaction, or skin addiction to the components. As a result, the masks will stop working altogether. A sheet mask is designed to pamper the skin, the effect of active ingredients should be incremental, not cumulative. Therefore, patches can be applied no more than 2 times a week,” says Galko.

Photo: saborino, lululun, eveline, i’m sorry for my skin, repechage

1. Eveline Charcoal Pore Minimizing Treatment Mask. 2. SOS Jelly Mask Calming I’m Sorry for my skin. 3. Express tissue moisturizing face mask “Hurry in 60 seconds” SABORINO. 4. Repechage Red-Out Soothing Mask for sensitive skin. 5. Face mask moisturizing and narrowing the pores LuLuLun.

As you can see, although technology has made great strides forward, we still cannot do without creams and serums. Therefore, while we wait for cosmetic developments that will deliver components to the skin in just one click, you just need to click on a special remote control.


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