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In winter, the frost does not just pinch the cheeks, but beats backhand. As a result of long walks, the skin fervently reddens, begins to peel off, and, in exceptional cases, becomes covered with blisters. How to save the damaged dermis, and at the same time protect it from wind and cold, experts said.

Why is the skin chapped

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The fact that the skin turns red in the cold is a normal process, so it protects itself from frostbite. Usually the redness goes away, you should sit in a warm room. If the flushed blush does not subside even after an hour, we can say that the skin has undergone severe cold attacks and is weathered. Against this background, peeling will appear in the future, and the skin will become rougher.

Constantly “falling into the paint” for the dermis is not very good, it can lead to sad consequences.

“If the face is constantly weathered, the skin becomes rough and red. Due to the proliferation of blood vessels, rosacea can develop. In especially advanced cases, rosacea may appear, ”warns Natalia Gaidash, a dermatologist, cosmetologist and Nivea brand expert.

How to help chapped skin

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If the skin is already weathered, do not panic, it is important to develop a competent rehabilitation scheme and follow it.

Eliminate aggressive components

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Put all aggressive cosmetics on the far shelf. Keep away scrubs, products with fruit acids and alcohol.

“Care should combine moisturizing and healing. Wash with warm water. In no case do not try to warm the skin with hot water, this will only increase the damage. For cleansing, you can use micellar water for sensitive skin, ”advises Alexander Prokofiev, medical expert of the La Roche-Posay brand, dermatovenereologist.

Use restorative care products

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To restore the skin faster and help in its healing, use cosmetics with restorative soothing ingredients: panthenol, allantoin, oils.

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1. Cicaplast Baume B5 La Roche-Posay multi-repairing treatment for sensitive and irritated skin. 2. Nutrilogie 2 Vichy deep care cream to protect dry to very dry skin. 3. Mask with hyaluronic acid JAPAN GALS Pure5 Essence. 4. Lipid-restoring cream vitamin F Librederm.

Humidify the room

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Dry indoor air is bad for the skin, and especially for chapped ones, so moisturize it. To do this, you can buy a humidifier or use more budgetary means: arrange containers with water and indoor plants around the house.

Don’t play sports

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As long as the skin is damaged, it does not need irritants, including active sweating. Therefore, during the rehabilitation of the dermis, it is better not to go to the sauna, gym, and also the pool. Chlorine is also an aggressive environment.

Eat Right

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For injured skin, your diet is also very important, because certain foods can cause irritation.

“Give up alcohol, spicy, too hot or cold food. Choose natural products and cook them correctly: bake potatoes, stew meat, steam cutlets. Try to eat at least 5 small meals a day. There should be enough protein in the diet,” Natalia advises.

Drink healing drinks

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In order for the skin to heal faster, it needs to be moisturized from the inside. Drink drinks that restore and nourish the dermis. These are cranberry and lingonberry fruit drinks. And water is also important. Drink at least 1.5-2 liters per day.

How to prevent chapping

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In order not to “drive the skin into paint”, apply the cream 40 minutes before leaving the house. Use nutritional products with panthenol, vitamins in the composition, pay attention to cold creams that are sold in pharmacies if your skin is sensitive. Don’t forget to apply a nourishing balm to your lips.

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1. NIVEA Creme. 2. Botanic Cream Garnier Flower Honey. 3. Ultra-moisturizing face cream-balm for dry sensitive irritated skin Dr.Stern Ichthyol PSO 4. Intensively moisturizing cream-serum for the skin of the face, neck and eye area ILONA LUNDEN.

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1. Moisturizing Cream CeraVe. 2. Moisturizing cream for faces Aloe Soothing Essence Moisturizing Cream Holika Holika. 3. Universal cream for hands and body “Basic care” Dove.

“Coming from the street, wash your face with foam or gel for sensitive skin. At night, make moisturizing face and hand masks with a nourishing cream. If it is not at hand, simple olive oil will do, ”advises Natalia.


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