patience Jennifer Garner the end comes. To see less Ben Affleck, she intends to sell the house in Los Angeles in the near future, where the actress currently lives with her children. But they were so happy here once … Jennifer and Ben have been married for ten years and could have made it to the silver wedding, if not for Affleck’s painful passion for playing cards and his affair with the children’s nanny.

When Jennifer and Ben decided they needed a divorce, they thought that they could separate in a civilized way, so that their three children (Violet, Serafina and little Sam) would suffer as little as possible. But as the scandal with Christina Uzunyan, the nanny of the children of Garner and Affleck, unfolded, Jennifer’s mood became less and less peaceful. And recently, Ben, who, apparently, was tortured by remorse, suddenly woke up with a desire to spend as much time as possible with the children. And if on weekdays Jennifer is relieved of the need to see her still spouse, then on weekends Ben stops at their house.

That’s exactly what happened recently when Affleck decided to take his youngest daughter, six-year-old Serafina, to a concert. Taylor Swift. And Garner realized that she simply could not spend so much time in Ben’s company. The relationship of the former spouses has deteriorated to such an extent that they cannot even agree on the terms of the divorce themselves. In order to coordinate everything with Affleck, Jennifer hired a professional mediator.

Meanwhile, the culprit of the collapse of the Affleck family – Christina Uzunyan – is quite happy with her life. She lives in grand style, apparently at the expense of Ben, and makes bright plans for the future. The girl stays in luxury hotels, dresses in the best boutiques and drives around in a car that she definitely could not buy for herself on a nanny’s salary. Christina dreams of marrying Ben and having a child for him – of course, when he divorces his wife. Or, at worst, become a TV star. Anyway, now she is in talks about her participation in a reality show.


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