Excess is back in fashion, and this is not surprising: the imitation of defiant luxury becomes especially relevant during periods of financial downturn. Almost the first to notice this was the great Coco Chanelwhose jewelry made of artificial pearls and stones, various alloys and cast glass conquered the fashion world precisely in the difficult post-war years.

Modernity dictates its own trends: luxury is good only when flavored with self-irony, references to naive childhood and some stylistic hooliganism. The three main decorations of this summer are in our review.

Watches: Unode50, Swatch POP, Tous


The clock is no longer a device that shows the time – gadgets do a great job with this in the era of high technology. Therefore, the choice of watches should be approached as the choice of jewelry. The times when the “left-handed rule” was in effect – to wear a watch not on the dominant hand – are gone. Strict “watch” etiquette, which requires, among other things, that the watch be covered with a cuff, is also an obsolete thing. An unusual shape, a bright dial, interchangeable straps made of technological materials – all this implies absolute freedom.

The fashion for “cartoon” watches was “legalized” after the release of Dan Brown’s bestseller “The Da Vinci Code”: elegant as a piano, Professor Langdon (he played in the movie Tom Hanks) never parted with a watch that depicted Mickey Mouse. Since then, funny, exaggeratedly “childish” watches have become a full member of even the most strict wardrobe.

The advent of a new watch era is especially vividly illustrated by the so-called transformer watches, which allow not only changing frames and straps, but also wearing them around the neck like a medallion, on a trouser pocket or jacket lapel like a brooch.

There are no special rules for wearing such watches. Just choose what you like. In the end, a not too serious attitude to time fits into the now popular behavioral trend: a person’s life is measured not by the time lived, but by the number of events and feelings experienced by him.

Rings: Unode50, Swarovski, TOUS

large rings

Massive jewelry on the hands has always been a sign, if not of wealth, then certainly of wealth. Remember the huge synthetic rubies and topazes in gold rings from the times of the USSR? By the way, do not rush to get rid of them, properly beaten Soviet jewelry can “make” the image truly unique. So: the huge rings are back and, it seems, for a long time. Recall the main rules for handling these decorations.

1. Both hands should not have more than three rings at the same time, including the wedding ring.

2. You can wear a massive ring on your thumb only if you are a representative of an exotic teenage subculture. This is contraindicated for adult women, even if fashion publications say otherwise.

3. Large rings with bright stones and intricate design – decoration only and exclusively for the warm season.

4. The color of the nail polish should be one tone paler than the color of the largest stone in the ring.

Earrings: Unode50, Pandora, Swarovski

Long earrings

The fashion for long earrings has existed for a long time in two rather limited reservations: either hammered ethnicity, or imitation of the “royal style” with rhinestones and heartbreaking radiance. Beads, leather, feathers and wood suggested that you were one of the varieties of hippies, sparkling “chandeliers” hinted that you were an avid theatergoer.

Fortunately – yes, we will never get tired of repeating it! – Modern fashion dictates only one rule: no rules. The only condition: when choosing jewelry within the framework of this freedom, try to correctly fit it into your own image. Here are some tips for long earrings.

1. No matter how luxurious the earrings look, make sure they fit your weight before purchasing. Stretched lobes – it’s monstrous.

2. Massive earrings are a very active accessory. And therefore should be the only decoration above the belt. No necklaces, diadems, hairpins and beads. Only earrings.

3. Smooth matte stones in close proximity to the face require flawless skin. What does make-up mean?

4. If you are short, choose thin long earrings. Earrings that catch the eye are best worn with a short haircut or a sleek hairstyle. If you prefer loose long hair, feel free to wear earrings in ethnic style.

5. Ideally, large stones in earrings should be the same shade as your eyes.


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