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A girl’s best friend is jewelry. Luxurious jewelry sets, as if borrowed from the Queen of England, are a thing of the past. On the one hand, awareness is in trend. To go out, modern girls increasingly prefer large jewelry, so they rely on inexpensive options made of silver and cubic zirkonia. But for every day or special occasions, jewelry with precious stones is already chosen. Another trend is far from new, but has not yet taken root among many – a combination of precious and non-precious stones in one image, as well as a combination of metals of different colors. What decorations to choose for New Year’s Eve – in our review.

Spectacular earrings for the New Year’s look

1 – gold earrings with cubic zirkonia, Adamas, 2 – gold earrings with diamonds and amethysts, MUZ, 3 – silver earrings with cubic zirconias, Wanna? Be!, 4 – golden Tous earrings, 6 – silver earrings with gold plating and cubic zirconias, Sunlight, 6 – gold earrings with cubic zirkonia and pearls, MUZ, 7 – gold earrings, Pandora, 8 – silver earrings, Wanna? Be!, 9 – gold earrings with diamonds and ceramics, Sokolov

Unusual rings for a festive mood

The easiest way to add a festive touch to any look is to choose accent earrings. They can be large, unusual in shape, or simply attract attention with bright stones. Among the favorites of the outgoing year are long, rigid earrings or chain earrings. If you have not yet decided what to spend New Year’s Eve in, feel free to choose unusual “carnations” that can be worn every day.

1 – UNOde50 ring, 2 – Lav’z Jewelery ring, 3 – Wanna ring? Be!, 4 – two-piece silver enamel ring, Sokolov, 5 – gold ring with Tous amethyst, 6 – silver ring with Swarovski crystal and finite, Sokolov

Not everyone likes to wear rings; for many, the maximum program is an engagement and wedding ring. The rest (at least those with stones) usually lie in the box, waiting for the right moment. The New Year is a good reason to shake out your treasury or replenish your wealth with a new artifact. A cocktail ring is a compromise option for those who want to make their look more interesting, but not too conspicuous.

Necklaces and pendants that everyone will love

1 – Lav’z Jewelery pendant, 2 – silver necklace with Sunlight cubic zirkonia, 3 – gold necklace with Adamas emerald, 4 – silver chain with Pandora pendant, 5 – white gold cross with Swarovski zircons, Sokolov

Tiered necklaces, luxurious necklaces with stones (and not the fact that they are precious), minimalistic pendants studded with stones on thin chains … – include a couple of jewelry in your jewelry box and you will always have the opportunity to present in all its glory.

Ringing bracelets to attract attention

1 – white gold bracelet with cubic zirconias, Adamas, 2 – bracelet with a silver airplane Wanna? Be! 3 – bracelet with pearl Tous, 4 – bracelet made of gilded silver with finais, Sokolov, 5 – silver bracelet Pandora

It is generally accepted that bracelets act akin to aphrodisiacs – they draw attention to the wrists, and generally attract attention to a woman, beckon. Why not use this knowledge? Feel free to complement the festive look with thin bracelets – frame or chain bracelets that can be worn in a pair with others.

Bright brooches for mood

1 – silver brooch in the form of a flower with cubic zirconias, Sunlight, 2 – golden brooch in the form of a vine with semi-precious stones, Sokolov, 3 – golden brooch in the form of a fly with quartz and finites, MUZ, 4 – golden brooch in the form of birds on a branch with amethysts, rhodolites, cubic zirconias and agates

Stylists often use this life hack to instantly turn an everyday look into a more elegant one. Let’s say you decide to celebrate the New Year in a classic evening or cocktail dress. Pin to the shoulders, in the neckline or on the belt with a brooch – this will make even the simplest dress more interesting. The same technique can be used with jackets, jeans, shirts, sweaters – do not be afraid to experiment and make whole compositions from brooches.


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