Katerina Shpitsa shared a fun way to tell if a house has electricity. The method, however, is extreme and invented personally by the actress. Katya showed miracles of ingenuity and ingenuity in order to understand why her boiler does not work during the period when hot water is turned off. This star shared on his page in the social network.

“If there is no hot water in your house,” the actress writes, “and for some reason the boiler does not turn on and the electric probe is broken, it remains to check the outlet empirically. Take a curling iron to insert its plug into the boiler outlet. But not everything is so simple. If you are not tall enough to reach the outlet from the top level of the stepladder (it is located above the top level of the shower cabin, above which the boiler is fixed), and confidently insert the plug into the experimental space desired since yesterday evening, salad tongs and a small play of stretching of the intervertebral space, as well as a slightly protruding tongue and a grain of coordination with accuracy. Note: It is preferable to stand on an aluminum step barefoot for better traction. So, the socket does not work, we drag a temporary adapter, we call an electrician.

In response, the fans laughed, appreciated the self-irony of the star and immediately gave Katya the nickname “Crazy Hands”.

It is worth noting that Katya is one of the few film actresses who, in general, decides men’s household chores and, perhaps, the only one who knows not only what an electric probe is, but also how to use it.


By Yara

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