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In 2013, Kim surprised the world with the introduction of a new beauty procedure “Vampire Mask”. The bottom line is that they took her own plasma from her, enriched with platelets (turned in a special centrifuge), did microdermabrasion, and then applied a “bloody” mask on her face. This procedure is very similar to plasmolifting, with the only difference being that in the original, enriched plasma is injected into the skin of the face. Kim was pregnant at that time and could not afford such manipulations.

The episode with “bleeding” and rejuvenation of Kim was shown in one of the episodes of the reality show of the Kardashian family. In 2018, Kim wrote on her blog that she regretted the Vampire Mask procedure, which, by the way, became terribly popular among the stars at her suggestion, and not only because it was painful and unpleasant.

Not so long ago, Kardashian stumbled across the Web on an ad with her ill-fated image in the “Vampire Mask”. Alabama doctor Charles Runeles, who describes himself as a cosmetologist and spokesman for the Association for Cellular Medicine, used Kim’s image to advertise a “bloody procedure” training course.

Kim Kardashian
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Due to the fact that Kardashian did not give the right to use her image for advertising purposes and does not want to be associated with this procedure at all, and even more so with a doctor who has never worked with a star, she decided to sue the unfortunate specialist. The lawsuit alleges copyright infringement, that the doctor had no right to use the image of a celebrity without her permission, and many more scary words.

Runeles told the press that Kardashian just wants a piece of this lucrative pie. It is known that the doctor is enriched by more than $ 190,000 monthly by issuing licenses to cosmetologists to perform the Vampire Mask procedure. Charles says that this “bloody story” is his intellectual property (by the way, there was no documentary evidence for this).

It seems to us that the unfortunate cosmetologist is playing with fire, and while he accuses the reality star of greed, the doctor will have time to sew a solid case under several articles without any anesthesia.


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