Elena Temnikova shared with fans the contents of the package sent to her by her parents. In Moscow, of course, you can buy anything, but really natural products are not so easy to find. Not the ones sold in advertised farm shops, but the real ones – collected in the forest or grown in the garden, collected with their own hands. But if your loved ones live outside the capital, there is nothing to worry about – they will definitely collect a package for you: this happens in star families too! So the parents of Elena Temnikova, who, it would seem, earns enough to buy all the best in the nearest supermarket, still take care of their beloved child. Recently, they sent her a whole set of delicacies from Omsk: dried pears, apples, mushrooms, and even with a recipe for making soup. “My parents sent a package. Take care. They are worried. I love you very much, folks. I cook compote, ”said Lena.

To keep herself in shape, Temnikova not only eats right, but also actively goes in for sports. But, like any young mother who also works, she has very little time, so Lena does this without leaving home. And her six-month-old daughter Sashenka helps the singer. “You just need to play sports, putting the child on you. If you don’t have the strength and time to go to the gym, then here’s the way out, ”Lena said. – Sasha is laughing. And I do my ass. And everyone is happy.”


By Yara

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