The star, who turned 52 the day before, was once again convinced that the most expensive gifts were given to her by colleagues in show business, but the most touching were still fans. Lolita touched the handkerchief that had been given to her from Orenburg. “This scarf is reminiscent of childhood. Orenburg shawls were very fond of my grandmother Shura. He warmed the heads and shoulders, they wrapped small children in them, tied them to aching lower backs. Today I changed my attitude towards it and use it as a constant winter accessory, ”admitted Lolita.

The singer was pleased with the handmade doll Lola, which was made by her fan Irina Sergeeva. Moreover, Lolita knows not only the name of this woman, but also that she is now sick. Therefore, the pop star on her birthday wished health to both her and herself.

Lolita is not afraid of her age and is sure that the main thing is not the number, but how much you feel. In transmission Yulia Menshova on Channel One, the singer reasoned as follows: “I look at my mother, who is over 70, who looks great and will give me a head start, and I think:“ That’s class! Life begins every day. Don’t think about numbers. Sometimes I felt like a wreck even at 30. I remember once giving an interview and saying: “Sometimes it seems to me that I am 70.” And then I was 30. Today I say that I am 35.”


By Yara

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