Disputes erupted under this photo of Anna Mikhalkova
Photo: @anikiti4na

Not so long ago Anna Mikhalkova lost 15 kilograms, which amazed both the secular public and subscribers in social networks. The actress immediately began to attack the journalists, trying to find out how she managed to get rid of excess weight. Mikhalkova did not keep her weight loss methods a secret and told how she changed her diet and how she went in for sports. Every morning, in any weather, Anna went for a run, and after 15.00 she ate only very light food: for example, green vegetables or kefir, and no more than 150-200 grams.

The result was not long in coming, and the weight began to melt. Moreover, judging by the latest photos of Anna in Instagram *, Anna is not going to stop there, because she looks more and more thin with each picture. Such wonderful metamorphoses could not leave indifferent her subscribers, who were divided into two camps. Some believe that Mikhalkova did the right thing by deciding to lose weight, while others miss the “pleasant fullness” of the actress.

“You are now younger, prettier, sexy. Everything is great. And the health benefits. Without excess weight”, “Bravo. Well done. Thinness suits you, and don’t listen to anyone”, “I’ve lost weight like a girl right now,” numerous followers admire.

“Who is this?! Lost individuality! Do not know …. The former was better, sweeter, dearer !!! …. ”,“ You are losing individuality ”,“ Enough to lose weight, it becomes ugly ”,“ We ​​need to return some of the weight. It was better”, “Sorry, but thinness … This is not yours!!! I miss Annushka’s sweet, pleasant fullness, ”others write.

The star herself does not respond to calls to return the lost kilograms and, it seems, is not going to follow them.


By Yara

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