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Do awakening routines

Awakening the skin
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By returning yourself to an upright position, help your face wake up. If you slept with your face in the pillow, and it was imprinted, wash yourself with cool water (it is very important not to cold and not ice cubes, otherwise you will get a cold skin burn), and then apply a mask-film or clay mask to your face. They stretch the skin well, plus they draw out toxins from it, smooth and even out the relief. Then apply moisturizer and tone.

Use concealer

Under eye concealer
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If there are bruises under the eyes, the concealer will be photoshopped 1-2 tones lighter or with orange or peach pigment that overlaps the purple tint. Apply the product under the eyes in the shape of a triangle, blend with a sponge.

Blue mascara and liner are your helpers

Blue mascara removes redness of the eyes
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Red, like a vampire’s eyes, you can’t smear with concealer, but you can neutralize them with the help of blue. Kirkorov’s favorite shade literally absorbs the red tone. To do this, apply a blue liner along the contour of the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid, and highlight the tips of the upper eyelashes with blue mascara. By the way, combining colored and regular mascara is back in fashion this season.

Make your eyes shine

Highlighter adds sparkle to the eyes
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To open up your eyes and add radiance to sleepy eyes, apply highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes and under your brow bone.

Get a white pencil

White eyeliner opens up the look
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So that at work they don’t guess that you haven’t slept all night, a white or ivory pencil will help visually “raise your eyelids”. Apply it on the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid, this technique will make the eyes bigger.

5 beauty tricks for those who woke up after the alarm

Curl your eyelashes

Curl your eyelashes
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In tandem with a pencil, another trick will work – curl your eyelashes, this will also allow you to open your eyes.

Make cat arrows

Cat arrows make the eyes wide open
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In order not to put matches in your eyes, make cat arrows, they, as makeup artists say, make the look “peppy”.

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Don’t forget your eyebrows

Eyebrow makeup
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To prevent the eyes from looking sleepy, be sure to emphasize the eyebrows. Make the line brighter with a pencil or shadows, and fix with a gel.


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