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Black lacquer, stiletto nails, stylish jacket – everything that we most often order from manicure masters puts men into a state of outright horror. And this is not the whole list of manicure options that scares the opposite sex and can even extinguish the fire of desire.

Stiletto nails

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The form, which the masters compare with pointe shoes and lobby in every possible way, is perceived by men as edged weapons. Representatives of the stronger sex call such nails heeled nails» (by the way, it seems), and especially emotional ones compare women with such a manicure with Wolverine. Sometimes guys don’t mind having their back scratched, but they expect grievous bodily harm from a woman with stilettos. And these fears often affect the potency of impressionable males. Therefore, it is better to refuse stilettos, especially since in everyday life such a form is completely “indigestible”, and you can accidentally scratch yourself.

What men like: short or medium length nails, almond or soft square in shape, men consider such a manicure to be neat and safe.

French manicure

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Men perceive the classic jacket on long nails as a disease. In their coordinate system, such a design looks scary and intimidating.

Another option that repels the stronger sex is a jacket in black. This gothic version of a man is compared with a nail fungus. The same applies to colored smile line designs.

What men like:
classic french on nails of medium length.

neon manicure

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With us for several seasons, bright colors of varnishes, which lead the hit parade of nail designs. But all neon tones, like purple, ultramarine blue, yellow, light green, green, are perceived by men as poisonous, they irritate, and for some, by their own admission, cause a headache. When choosing one of the varnishes of such a palette, do not expect your missus to kiss your hands.

What men like: they are not against the classic red, men consider such a manicure sexy. They consider the design in nude colors to be romantic, and they also really like the shades of burgundy on the nails of lovely ladies.

Manicure with sparkles and rhinestones

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Men don’t mind glitter designs on one or two nails, they even think it’s pretty. But the sequins on each finger, and even worse, large rhinestones or beads, the stronger sex recognizes as bad taste from the series “brilliance and poverty”.

What men like: dot design with glitter elements on one or two nails on each hand.

animal prints

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We compare ourselves to predators when we have animal prints in our manicure, like leopard spots, but for men it seems the opposite. They associate such a design with the manifestation of the disease on the nail.

What men like: design on one or two fingers of each hand in the form of flowers, geometric prints.


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