Maria Sharapova
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During New York Fashion Week, there are many different glamorous parties. Among the guests you can see stars of the first magnitude. And most importantly, those who proudly bear the title of “the most beautiful girls on the planet.” And not just beautiful, but also rich. For example, the prettiest tennis player, 29-year-old Maria Sharapova. She, along with models Irina Shayk and Natalia Vodianova, is part of this “golden fund”. It is believed that in her entire sports career, the winner of various tournaments has earned only more than $ 35 million in prize money. And how many more on advertising. After all, Masha is the face of such companies as Colgate, Samsung, Avon, Evian and others. So a tennis champion, in principle, can afford any outfit.

But Sharapova never gravitated towards something provocative, frank. A little black dress from Victoria Beckham, the wife of another eminent athlete, decorated with giant colored sequins, quite satisfies the taste of the queen of the courts at one of the parties organized by Harper’s Bazaar.

Nina Agdal
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Who are they, the main guests and participants of this endless stream of noisy parties? Basically the same faces. Beautiful and long. Mostly models. Most famous. For example, a 24-year-old Danish model Nina Agdal. This beauty, originally from Copenhagen, was unknown to anyone a couple of years ago. And now the whole world is talking about it. After all, she is dating Leonardo DiCaprio. This summer, the couple rested in Malibu, and then was spotted shopping in Los Angeles. Maybe it was there that the generous Leo bought his beloved this exquisite black dress from Zuhair Murad?

Adriana Lima
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Another frequenter and constant protagonist of the social life of the planet is the ubiquitous Brazilian model Adriana Lima. The 35-year-old beauty manages to do everything: to visit the Olympics in her homeland, and to be at New York Fashion Week. One of the Victoria’s Secret angels has long been ranked second after her compatriot Gisele Bundchen in the list of the highest paid models in the world. She made $9 million last year. What kind of toilet can such a luxurious woman choose? Original pantsuit from Yigal Azrouel.

Kendall Jenner
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Kendall Jenner, this new generation catwalk star. Well, where without her? Can a loud party even take place without it? This is not a dessert for you, but a main dish. 20 years total. And already such a celebrity. She is on the red stairs of the Cannes Film Festival. At the fashion festival Met Gala – too. On the catwalk Chanel, Balmain, Givenchy. On the cover of glossy magazines. At a Harper’s Bazaar party in a spectacular Marchesa dress. Who can compete with her? Who is stronger? Maybe a close relative?

Kim Kardashian
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And you can’t take this relative with your bare hands. Herself Kim Kardashian himself. She and Kendall have a common mother, but different fathers. And without this famous relative, the social life of America will definitely stop. Well, just imagine, it will not be … And what to do? Who will walk the red carpet in “naked” dresses? Who will shock the public with their cleavage and vacation photos in a swimsuit? What will people be looking at? And so, please, once again admire her forms, wrapped in transparent openwork lace from Givenchy. No, today she is “the first guy in the village.” Definitely. And there is no one around yet.

Emily Ratajkowski
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Although some are trying to push Kim, to win their place in the sun and also begin to get naked. But how can they compete with Kardashian herself? Pathetic efforts. Her dress is the bomb. And then there are a couple of shots. Like, for example, the model Emily Ratajkowski, who, apparently, decided to outdo Kardashian and walked next to her in such a provocative toilet from Julien Macdonald. That’s because what youth went!

Hailey Baldwin
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Yeah, don’t put your finger in the mouth of all these young people. They bite and don’t choke. Bold, bold. And the toilets are chosen to match. Here, for example, is the niece of Alec Baldwin, the daughter of his brother Stephen, the young heiress of the famous dynasty. Model and dancer, best friend Kendall Jenner. No event is complete without her participation. Even the Oscars. Everywhere this Hailey is welcome. All doors are open to her. And the beauty is not modest. Toilets chooses, as they say, to die – not to get up. So this time she distinguished herself with a “naked” dress from Naeem Khan. Did her uncle see her like this? But Justin BieberThey say they are delighted with her.

Toni Garrn
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Another girl from the hot “hundreds” of beauties is a 24-year-old Toni Garrn, a German model, a kind of competitor to Nina Agdal. Also met with Leonardo DiCaprio. Here, many have gone through this charming ladies’ man. The novel lasted from May 2013 to December 2014. More than a year! And Tony, like many others, also failed to bring Leo to the altar. Toughie! But Tony did not despair and began dating a famous basketball player. In the meantime, he is preparing for the matches, the model attends high-profile parties in a breathtakingly sexy lace dress from Sonia Rykiel. Probably chatting with Nina Agdal after a couple of cocktails. They have something to discuss.

Karolina Kurkova
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And, finally, none of the parties is complete without veterans of the model movement who do not grow old in soul. Heidi Klum, Eva Herzigova and Karolina Kurkova. The sexiest blonde in Europe in 2007 is still in the ranks. Although in reality Carolina is only 32. The outfit from H&M, of course, is more modest than others. But, on the other hand, how to look. For a mother of two sons, one of whom is less than a year old, looks pretty bold.


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