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In September Marina opened a figure skating school in the city of Bordeaux, in the southwest of France, and decided to settle near her work. “From my new house, in which I bought an apartment, to the skating rink, it’s 900 meters: it’s very convenient, you don’t need to spend a lot of time on the road,” the famous figure skater told 7days.ru. – Now in the apartment that I recently bought, they are assembling furniture for us. Our whole family will move there before the holidays. I will be in Moscow for a few more days, yesterday I had the premiere of the ice rock opera Perfumer, and on Monday I will fly to Bordeaux to see my children – Mick Angel, Eva Vlad and, of course, my mother. I am very worried: Christmas has already been celebrated in Europe, and Christmas trees will no longer be sold there. But I’ll still think of something and find a Christmas tree, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s artificial or live. The son and daughter have already sent letters to Santa Claus, the list of gifts they ordered barely fit on two sheets. I already bought Angela a Star Wars-themed building set and a red London bus, and Eva a Barbie house to build herself and a doll she asked for. And there is still a lot to be found from the list of children, so I am now in time trouble.

Marina’s children study in Bordeaux at school: in addition to general education subjects, both are engaged in tennis and drawing. “Eva also goes to dances and figure skating, Anzhel goes to football,” Marina clarifies. – But figure skating is not particularly exciting for my son. Sometimes I take him to the skating rink with me, but he just needs to accelerate in order to fall and lie down to ride on the ice, in general, to play the fool. But Angel loves to draw. Sometimes, for example, he can be capricious: “Oh, I don’t want to play tennis” or “Oh, I’m tired of football.” But as soon as he says: “Then you won’t go to drawing” – that’s all, the whims end, because skipping drawing is the biggest punishment for him. The son is a very creative boy.”


By Yara

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