chic hair Daria Klyukina inspire fans. Many girls ask how she takes care of her luxurious hair and, most importantly, who is her stylist. It turns out that the master doing the hair to the star of “The Bachelor” is herself! Before becoming a famous model, Klyukina worked as a simple hair stylist. Best of all, the girl succeeded in curls, so when her clients asked what styling they should do, Daria answered: “Curls!”

“I just knew that I would definitely succeed. Curls turned out best for me, ”Klyukina laughs. The model believes that modern fashion dictates the following rules: the more natural and simple the hairstyle, the better.

“I remember when I was preparing for the graduation party at school… The master at the hairdresser conjured me for several hours,” says the star. The result exceeded all expectations of Daria and her mother – they were shocked and horrified. “I came home and the first thing I did was unravel the tricky hairstyle,” recalls the model. – In the end, I went to the evening with her hair down. Mom came up with the idea of ​​sticking a red rose in her hair. It turned out simple and original. No one else had this hairstyle.


By Yara

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