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This season, stylists have offered us all kinds of hair shades – from intoxicating ginger beer to hearty mushroom blond. Behind each name are familiar techniques, and the “names” of coloring are an excellent marketing ploy for sale in salons.

Recently, stylists have been talking about a new shade for fair-haired people – a “mirror” blond. This name contains a long-familiar technique – lightening, toning with glossing. The bottom line is to create a shade that would not just shine, but shimmer like a mirror surface.

The fastest effect, of course, can be achieved on dark shades. You have probably noticed that in order to show the radiance of hair, girls with a shade of chocolate or pitch black hair are most often taken in advertising for shampoo or paint. Precisely because the glossy effect is more clearly visible against this background.

Photo: instagram*

Photo: instagram*

With a light shade, the situation is more complicated. To achieve a bright effect of radiance and, literally, a mirror shine, you need to use a special technique.

As a basis, stylists take a warm blond: a shade of caramel, beige or cream. Further, in order to get the effect, as if spotlights are falling on the hair all the time, they place accents with the help of an ice blond, creating a smooth flow of color, and transparent toning with a gloss effect can be dotted on top.

But the “mirror” blond is not suitable for everyone. He will perfectly beat the owners of light and porcelain skin. Remember, this coloring imposes a great responsibility. Therefore, in care, twice a week, you need to use purple shampoo, and repeat the toning procedure once a month.

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