Myths about split ends you shouldn’t believe
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How many times have you heard that split ends can be dealt with, and even more so from marketers, that the notorious ends can be glued together.

But the manufacturers of such hair glue did not come up with. Here are some more myths about split ends that you should not believe.

Split ends can be glued

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The section of hair can be compared to how tights are torn. There is a hold on the hair, which travels further along the rod, creating gaps. In the future, this can lead to hair loss.

Unlike tights, on which the hold can be smeared with nail polish in case of emergency or, at worst, sewn up, this will not work with split ends.

Hair along the length is a dead structure, they cannot be regenerated even with the help of the most expensive means. Therefore, split ends can only be cut off.

Straight hair suffers more from split ends

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It all depends not on the type and structure of the hair far. Split ends quickly appear on weakened thin hair. Sometimes they can appear even two weeks after the haircut.

This effect occurs due to the fact that the hair lacks building material in the form of protein, vitamins and minerals. There are several reasons for this: any diseases that have weakened the hair, treatment, including antibiotics, strict protein-deficient diets, styling with curling irons / hair dryer without thermal protection, bleaching too often.

Split ends cannot be prevented

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You can delay the appearance of split ends. For this, funds marked “against split ends” are just right. Start using them as soon as you visit the stylist. Apply the product directly after shampooing to the ends or along the length of the hair. These products are available as sprays, fluids, or oils. They contain ingredients that stick together, or rather prevent hair breakage: keratin, silk, collagen, light types of silicones.

With these tools, you can forget about the section for a month or even two. But after this period, the tips must be cut off.

And skipping this ritual is the main mistake of those who want to grow hair to the very shoulder blades. If the ends are not trimmed, the hair will become brittle and begin to fall out, which will take you away from the dream of the image of Rapunzel.

Stylists advise those who have weakened hair to try a haircut with hot scissors, which seal the ends well.


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