Meryem Uzerli
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Summer favors bright colors in clothes and makeup. This season, makeup artists decided to bring back into fashion trends that are periodically repeated during the hot season. We have already seen the consistent fashion trends of summer 2020 in 2016-2018.

So, bright neon shades of shadows are back in the ranks – from bold light green to pink and ultramarine blue. With the help of this palette, bloggers are trying to change the shape of the eyelids, creating artistic scenes on them. The bright hit parade is complemented by eye-catching arrows of unusual shapes and, of course, colored ink that “came” from the 90s.

The stars are always the first to try fashion trends on themselves, but they adapt them in their own way. For example, usually conservative Meryem Uzerli showed that makeup in neon colors is far from flashy and is suitable not only for teenagers. It can look bright, romantic if you choose a competent palette and make-up concept.

What makeup did the actress choose

Meryem Uzerli
Photo: instagram*

We see that Meryem has a total look – she chose neon pink shadows with a radiant base, lipstick, nail polish and a matching dress. The flashy make-up did not work out because Userli took the shade of eye shadow and lipstick from an actually pastel palette. In this image, you can easily appear both on the red carpet (although you need to slightly modify the hairstyle), and in the office with a strict dress code.

In the second case, the make-up will go well with office suits in dark colors or with a white or even slightly pinkish shirt.

How to create such makeup

Meryem Uzerli
Photo: instagram*

Such a refreshing makeup is very suitable for light-colored eyes and makes them brighter. It will suit both young girls and women 50 plus, however, you need to carefully work out the eye area and correctly choose the shade of lipstick.

“Apply concealer under the eyes and on the upper eyelids for a perfectly smooth finish. You can choose shadows in both pink and lilac tones, with a radiance effect. Mascara use classic black or purple, in the light it will create an interesting play of color. And no arrows to make the look just as elegant. If there is not enough expressiveness, you can emphasize the mucous membrane of the eyelid with a pencil.

As for lipstick, it is better to avoid bright colors, let the lips remain neutral. Therefore, choose shades to match the color of the lips. Or use a life hack: apply a colorless balm on clean lips, and then, in the center of the lips, with your fingertips, drive in the same shadows that you used for eye makeup (that is, pink), just a little bit, ”advises Svetlana Udalova, makeup artist Vivienne Sabo .


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