Victoria Tolstoganova in Svetlana Tegin’s dress
Photo: Yury Feklistov

Daria Moroz in Svetlana Tegin’s dress
Photo: Yury Feklistov

Of course, every woman wants to look stunning on New Year’s Eve. What does the designer recommend? Svetlana Tegin, which can be called one of the biggest specialists in evening dresses. This year, many stars shone in Tegin toilets on the red carpets of various ceremonies.

“I recommend red outfits to everyone,” Svetlana Tegin smiles. – This is the trend of the New Year-2016, which will be held under the sign of the fiery Monkey. Red color must be present in your image at least in detail. In general, what could be more beautiful than a red dress? It looks great in any situation: at the New Year’s table, and on the red carpet. There were a lot of red dresses in my collection this year. For example, the one in which Victoria Tolstoganova came to the opening ceremony of the Moscow International Film Festival. This is a four-layer model with a transition from white to red. But due to the layering of white, red is not fully visible, it is hidden by layers of white.

I would not advise anyone to wear black clothes for the New Year. It should be left for other occasions. After all, the New Year is still a fun holiday. Everyone wants to be in an upbeat, joyful mood. And red color always contributes to its creation.

If we talk about styles, then the trend is open shoulders. And it’s great for New Year’s Eve. If the dress is on a corset basis, it can be fitted or not fitted, as you like. For example, in my collection, several dresses started from the chest and expanded downwards. But in fact, they all kept on a corset, which gives a sense of harmony and correct posture.

Ekaterina Vilkova in Svetlana Tegin’s dress
Photo: Yury Feklistov

Agniya Kuznetsova with her husband. The actress chose the dress of Svetlana Tegin for the publication
Photo: @teginsvetlana (Instagram* Svetlana Tegin

If we talk about the length, then I would not choose a dress to the floor. Probably, this is not the best option for the New Year, because you want to dance and jump around the Christmas tree. I think the ankle length is better.

If someone likes closed dresses with long sleeves, then I would pay attention to the styles that send us back to the beginning of the twentieth century, to the Russian aristocracy of the tsarist period: stand-up collars, long sleeves with cuffs, a fitted, flowing silhouette that can perfectly demonstrate your harmony. Closeness also has its own charm. After all, any woman is a secret for a man, and it will not be superfluous to emphasize this on New Year’s Eve.

This year I was able to work with many stars, and it was a great pleasure … What could be more beautiful than dressing up beautiful women? And our actresses are very beautiful. Everyone I work with: and Katya Vilkovaand Vika Isakovaand Vika Tolstoganovaand Dasha Morozand Sveta Khodchenkovaand Olya Sutulovaand Olga Lomonosova. Many of us have already become friends.

Svetlana Tegin and Valeria Gai Germanika
Photo: @teginsvetlana (Instagram* Svetlana Tegin)

Victoria Isakova
Photo: @teginsvetlana (Instagram* Svetlana Tegin)

With Vika Isakova we are generally close friends. We vacationed together in Italy. And we always try to intersect in those cities where we find ourselves at the same time.

And when some solemn events are coming in Vika’s life, we arrange a meeting, she comes to visit, tries on outfits from the collection or looks at sketches. I offer some fabrics that I saw at an exhibition in Paris. And I really like the process of creating a dress especially for some special occasion, for a certain star. This approach gives a completely different result, this is not just a toilet that was accidentally tried on and it came up.

For example, dress for Katya Vilkova at the opening ceremony of the MIFF, I did it on purpose, according to her standards, discussing all the details with her. It was quite easy for me, because Katya is an incredibly beautiful girl. She came, we just wrapped her in a fabric – a fantastic silk with a special thread. Made in Italy, but I bought it in Paris. And when we carefully looked at Katya, it became clear that there was no need to invent anything further. The dress should be very simple in silhouette.

There has been a lot of talk about this dress. By the way, it is not white, but soft-gentle blue. And in the photos it looks just white. An interesting effect. Therefore, many called the toilet in the press both an iceberg and an ice block. In addition, the fabric, as it turned out, is completely transformed by camera flashes. And when Katya in this “iceberg” stepped onto the red carpet, and they began to photograph her, lightning flashed on the dress. Some people didn’t like it, but Alexander Vasiliev, for example, he was praised on the pages of the 7Days magazine. Thank you, I am pleased. I think all the controversy around this toilet and its heated discussion are only good. It seems to me that Katya was satisfied with the result. The main thing is that there was a resonance.

For Dashi Moroz I also made a special dress, which later became part of my collection. Dasha, it seems to me, is a very strict, collected woman, with a strong inner core. It has what is called “Russian character”. And it seemed to me that the red color in her image would be associated with some kind of Russian folk sundress. Although, of course, this is an evening dress with bare shoulders, but I wanted to give it the features of a Russian costume due to folds, a voluminous skirt. I don’t know if it felt…

Svetlana Tegin, Valeria Gai Germanika and her daughter
Photo: @teginsvetlana (Instagram* Svetlana Tegin)

This year I also dressed up the brides. Agniya Kuznetsova and Valeria Gai Germanika married in my dresses. We have also known Leroy for a long time … And the wedding dress turned out to be such a story. Valeria came to the show of my collection and saw the final look: a model in a bridesmaid dress. And I realized that this is “her dream.” Of course, we altered it a little to fit her figure. This is a very complex “work”: it consists of petals, sewn from homespun Uzbek silk. And it is incredibly difficult to repeat it, it exists only in a single copy. In wardrobe Gaius Germanicus.

Everyone is wondering how long it takes to create a dress for a celebration? Answer: the process is lengthy, it takes several months. Right now, for example, I’m going to Milan to choose fabric for outfits for the next Moscow Film Festival. FROM Katya Vilkova we’ve already discussed everything. I will choose the fabric. Then it will be delivered to Moscow, then tailoring, about three weeks with fittings. In fact, if you want to be beautiful, you need to prepare for a long time, and not at the last moment. Thank God, now all the stars already understand this.


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