Christmas tree – the main symbol of the New Year

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The New Year tree is the main symbol of the celebration of the New Year. It is no secret that the Chinese sages recommend decorating the festive tree in accordance with the color preferences of the patroness of the coming year, the Yellow Earth Dog. It should be remembered that the main color of 2018 is yellow and all its shades. Also in the decor you can use orange, brown, red, gold, beige, etc.

There are two important rules in creating a festive arrangement for this year’s Christmas tree. Firstly, a green beauty must be natural, and secondly, it is very important not to overdo it with decor, because a modest animal does not tolerate excesses. Therefore, to win the favor and sympathy of the Earth Dog, use its favorite colors.

Classic tree in accordance with the preferences of the Yellow Dog

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If you decide to heed the advice from the east and decorate a Christmas tree in a classic style, then toys, garlands and lanterns in two or three bright colors, decorated with gold thread, will be an ideal choice. You can also use white balls with a color pattern.

But you should not create too bright and colorful compositions – the Dog will be delighted if your Christmas tree this year does not shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow. For a festive outfit, decorative ornaments with painted dogs are also perfect. You can even make them yourself by cutting paper figures.

The star at the top of the Christmas tree this year must be gold or red.

Fruit Candy Style and Lemon Mini Tree

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You can create an unforgettable festive atmosphere by decorating the New Year tree (or adding a classic outfit) with fruits – small tangerines, yellow apples and bananas. You can also cut large orange, lemon and grapefruit into circles, and then carefully hang these pieces as a decoration on a tree.

The festive outfit of the Christmas tree is perfectly complemented by lemon and orange marmalade, or sweets in a yellow, red or orange wrapper. For decoration, it is better to take soft sweets, because it is much easier to insert a needle and thread into them to make a loop. By the way, you don’t need to pierce the candy itself – just tie it with a thin satin ribbon or coarse string for the “tail”.

But that’s not all. The indisputable favorite of the Yellow Dog will make you a mini-tree made of different types of fruits for the festive table. To create this culinary masterpiece, you will need patience and dexterity. But the result is worth it! By the way, a very original mini-Christmas tree can also be built from dry lemon mugs.

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Eco-style and a mini-tree made from Christmas pastry

Eco-style, which implies Christmas decorations made from natural materials, is gaining immense popularity.

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As an eco-decor, pre-prepared dried fruits coated with varnish or special paint, various wooden products, real cones, nuts and, of course, homemade holiday pastries are usually used.

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By the way, pastries are the most popular: various Christmas trees, animal figurines, stars, ginger snowmen, Christmas rings, bells. A festive look will be given to pastries by red or yellow ribbons with which you will wrap them. You can also make an original mini-Christmas tree from homemade cookies, which will become a real gem of the New Year’s table.

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Handmade style

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Another version of the green beauty’s New Year’s outfit is needlework. The color of the decorations is not important – the Dog patronizes workaholics, so you can decorate the festive tree with any things created by your own hands: soft toys (ideally, small plush dogs), wardrobe items and various items made of wire, felt, thread, beads, glass beads with rhinestones or gold satin ribbons. These handmade decorations can be complemented with any of the above styles.

Summing up, we can say that, according to Chinese wisdom, it is guaranteed to become the favorite of the Mistress of the coming year by using several styles at once in the outfit of the New Year tree. For example, the classics can be supplemented with cookies in the form of dogs, and a bright “fruity” Christmas tree outfit can be combined with homemade decorations. And under the Christmas tree, you can put soft toys in the form of larger dogs – for reliable protection of gifts.

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Cheese mini tree

And, as a bonus, another great idea for housewives is a Christmas mini-tree for the festive table made of … cheese, radishes and greens. Anyone can make this delicious masterpiece.

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Take a wooden stick – for example, a pencil sharpened at the top. Stick this stick into a piece of plasticine (for a stable base), wrapping it in foil. Cut the cheese into triangles, and the radish into circles, decorate the Christmas tree, and put a homemade “star” on the very top of the structure (if you wish, you can cut it out of the radish).

Decorating a Christmas tree with fantasy, you guarantee yourself a festive mood and magical emotions! Happy New Year 2018!


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