New Year’s table decorations will please you for the shortest time – just a few hours of a festive feast, but the designer Tatiana Domaratskaya advises you to take it carefully and gives some recommendations on holiday decor:

“The most important thing is to decide in what colors the festive table will be decorated, at which you are going to celebrate the New Year. It is important not to overdo it here, and the same rules apply as in interior decor. The most optimal is to use one or two colors. This time you can take the colors that the hostess of the next year prefers – the Yellow Earth Pig, or use the traditional New Year’s palette: red and its shades, red with gold, gold with silver, red with silver.

Remember that Pig loves everything natural, so it is advisable to use a tablecloth and napkins made from natural fabrics (linen, cotton), while avoiding bright flashy colors. Napkins can be folded in an original way, for example, in the form of Christmas trees. Or traditionally, but fasten with some interesting rings for decor on a Christmas theme that will fit the main range.

For example, if you use a red tablecloth, then you can have red glasses and red napkins. In this case, the first plate – serving – will be white, the snack plate can be gold, as an accent on the occasion of the Year of the Pig, and the third plate – soup or broth – either transparent or white with a red pattern. No other color should be added, it will be too much.

The festive atmosphere in the New Year’s decor of your table can be supported by decorative elements – for example, a safe garland laid out on the table or candles.

Another original New Year’s table decoration that will delight your family and guests is homemade cookies with their names or monograms. Or homemade cookies with wishes.

Whatever style you choose, remember: New Year is a home holiday. Therefore, you need to decorate your house, decorate the Christmas tree, set the table in such a way that your heart is filled with joy and the expectation of a miracle!


By Yara

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