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Our hands strongly give out age, especially after 40-50 years. No wonder secular ladies in the 18-19 centuries wore gloves for significant events, of which there were many in the collection.

Now gloves are relevant only in the cold or at a party, so you can’t hide age-related changes with their help.

To make your hands look like those of a young maiden and want to kiss them, you don’t need Botox or serious hardware procedures, it’s enough to use the secrets of anti-aging manicure. The secrets of anti-age design were shared with us by Olga Petriy, a nail stylist at the Sun&City beauty laboratory.

What shades of varnishes drive into age

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We urge lovers of sharper shades to abandon the classic red tones, they emphasize the age-related changes in the hands. The shade should be warm without a cold undertone. If you really choose red, then with an admixture of orange. It is both passionate and rejuvenating shade.

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Blue, green and neon tones are also persona non grata, they will draw attention to veins in the arms that have appeared or popped out.

Gothic fans are advised to wean themselves from black varnish. This shade is a win-win, but in clothes, in the case of a manicure, it will emphasize all the wrinkles on the hands and visually creates new ones.

What shades of varnishes rejuvenate

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When choosing anti-aging shades of varnishes for yourself, start from the undertone of the skin. Porcelain figurines should pay attention to pastel, dusty pink and mint shades. Gray is also not forbidden to use, it is neutral and visually distracts from age-related changes.

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Owners of golden and swarthy skin will suit wine, golden, caramel and dark chocolate colors.

In anti-aging manicure, glossy or even shining coatings work better. They smooth out the dryness of the skin of the hands and divert attention from wrinkles. But it is better for fashionable matte tops to “checkmate”. They make nails flatter, emphasize wrinkles.

What shape of nails visually rejuvenates

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In anti-aging manicure, length is important, or rather, its absence. The shorter the nails, the more youthful the hands look. As for the form, it is better to give preference to the classics. The soft square looks structured and does not overload the manicure.

Another option is an oval. This form of nails is less youthful, classic, does not add age. If you have already coveted stilettos, then think a few times, because they drive you into age. So, we urge you to refuse from acrylic tips, sawed into sharp claws.

What nail design is considered anti-aging

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If you want to roam to the fullest and paint your nails under Khokhloma, we advise you to cool your ardor. Ornate flowers and patterns are a thing of the past. This happened precisely because excessive design ages hands of any age.

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Minimalism is in fashion, and specifically geometric prints. By choosing graphics, you will only win. For example, lines, dots, stars or abstraction on two or one finger make the manicure more interesting and do not overload the image.

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Instead of an intricate design, you can simply highlight two nails on each hand with large sequins. This version of manicure makes a woman young and free from prejudice!


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