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The concept of “fashion trend” in the interior has no specific framework. Much depends on certain details, ranging from country to season. In addition, interior design is constantly evolving. If we talk about the style itself, then at the moment it is considered bad manners to use only one direction.

What things should be avoided in the interior so as not to “weight” the space, says designer, architect and concept maker Alexander Osipov.

Heavy curtains and an abundance of gold

The so-called royal style was popular in the 2000s. Then the fashion trends were massive curtains and an abundance of gold. A striking example of the royal style is the design in the house of Nadezhda Kadysheva, with which the singer herself was very pleased. Now such an interior is considered a relic of the past, giving way to calmer tones and comfortable minimalism.

Plasterboard partitions and multi-level ceilings

Now drywall partitions using colored elements are called the last century. Such options used for zoning a room are outdated, as are multi-level ceilings, which also lag behind new trends. At the moment, more interesting and modern options are partitions using bamboo or zoning using furniture “islands”.

Alexander Osipov

Bright wallpapers and an abundance of textiles

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Not so long ago, bright and daring wallpapers of bright orange or acid green colors were in fashion, which instantly made the interior very aggressive. Another trend was the use of pillows of various colors and patterns. Now it is better to refuse such interior design in favor of other solutions. New fashion trends in design are painting the walls in a calm and natural range, as well as monogamy in the design of pillows, which should be strictly monochromatic.

Excess plaster moldings and wooden skirting boards to match the parquet

Once upon a time, gypsum stucco was considered the main trend in design, but recently it has lost its position to other solutions. Now its excess makes the interior heavier, making it too pretentious. Textured glass comes to the fore, with which it is very easy to create a correct and interesting design. Gone are the skirting boards in the tone of the parquet – another bad manners of modern times, which received the comparison “the room is like under a trough.” You need to pick up the skirting board not under the floor, but under the doors in order to make a good accent on the color separation.

Glossy wardrobes with sliding doors and heavy furniture

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One of the main fashion trends in design is the interior, which is not weighed down by bulky and massive furniture. On the contrary, all items in the room should be mobile, roomy and multifunctional. As for the once popular wardrobes with a gloss effect, it is high time to abandon them in favor of more natural and comfortable furniture, which practically does not stand out against the general background, but seems to “merge” with it.


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