Oksana Fedorova surprised fans with her hobbies. It turns out that the TV presenter loves to grow flowers. In the summer, she personally tends to the flowers in her garden, and in the winter she takes care of the potted plants. Admittedly, not all people have a talent for floriculture. Some are watered, irrigated, and fertilized, but the plants do not bloom and die altogether. But this is definitely not about Oksana. For example, this year her favorite flower, the orchid, has already bloomed several times. And in recent months already twice. This is an unprecedented success of the flower grower!

“For the first time I see such an abundance of flowers in winter. Oksana says. “And there are still buds that have not blossomed!”

Perhaps this is due to the fact that Fedorova left television and she had time for her hobby. By the way, Oksana loves not only flora, but also fauna. She has many animals at home. Which cannot but please Oksana’s children – 3-year-old Fedor and 2-year-old Elizabeth.

“We have four dogs, a parrot, aquarium fish,” says the TV presenter. – And Liza and Fedya, from a walk in the warm season, also brought snails with frogs from a pond, which is located not far from our site. “Mommy,” they ask, “can they live with us?” “Don’t take it into the room,” I answer, “but in the yard, please, let them live.”


By Yara

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