Actress Olga Kurilenko, the star of Bond and Oblivion, decided to change romantic France for rainy Foggy Albion. In order not to miss a good filming offer and “to be closer to the film market”, the famous beauty bought an apartment in London.

“I lived in France for almost 13 years. Many of my closest friends still live there. Many of them are immigrants, like me, from different countries. My acting career began in France. I starred in several French films. But, of course, she wanted to act in English-language films as well. She went to New York for a short while. But I realized that the competition is too high. No one knew me there, no one needed me. And the only way to get to Hollywood for me was still through Europe. But American casting agents rarely look for actors in France. If only because few French actors speak English. But they often visit London. And I found myself in London more and more often, moving from one hotel to another, until I decided to buy an apartment here. My own, I saved money for it for a long time, like a squirrel. It is very convenient to live in London, because it is not so long to fly to Europe, and to my relatives, and to America, ”Kurylenko said in an interview with 7 Days magazine.


By Yara

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