Patches or eye cream: which is more effective

For many, patches have become a sos-means and salvation from all troubles. They kept their promises, so the buyers trusted these products. Bruises and swelling are removed, wrinkles are slightly smoothed, relieve pigmentation miracle cures and nothing more. Looks like we don’t need eye cream anymore.

Now there is a whole confrontation between the two camps on the network: some use only patches and sent the cream to the ban list, while others use the product only on occasion, and mainly use the cream.

So, what is more effective and is it worth it for these two products to measure their strength, said Olga Manikhina, dermatologist of the highest category, cosmetologist, dermatologist, expert Ansaligy.

What is better patches or cream?

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The invention of Asian beauty gurus, which have been successfully produced by domestic manufacturers for a long time, is, in fact, a base impregnated with a serum with a certain composition. This applies to fabric patches.

Hydrogels have a different story, their basis is caring components.

“For example, it can be such biologically active substances as algae, red algae, agar-agar, which have the properties not only to absorb certain active ingredients, but also to release them in a certain sequence. The hydrogel base itself also contains water, so these patches saturate the epidermal tissues with life-giving moisture,” says Olga Manikhina.

But patches will not replace eye cream, these are two different products. Patches are essentially a more active serum that goes a little deeper than the surface layers of the epidermis, thanks to the thermal effect. It occurs as soon as the patch is distributed on the skin due to the base itself.

And after the serum, you always need to apply a cream that works on the surface and seals it. The same must be done after applying the patches. So eye cream and patches two complementary, not competing products.

Do I need to use patches with a mesoscooter

Patches with microneedles
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A life hack is being actively promoted on the forums among bloggers, which will enhance the effect of the patches. Just before using them, the skin under the eyes needs to be worked out with the help of a mesoscooter, the one with needles.

Yes, the method is effective, because slightly damaged skin, firstly, will let the components of the patch into the deeper layers, and secondly, it will begin to actively regenerate itself, stimulating the production of “rejuvenating apples” for the dermis, namely collagen and elastin. But the roller cannot be used often, and sometimes used at all.

“You need to understand that all mesoscooters have different depths of impact. On some mesoscooters, needles are 0.5 mm, on others – 1-2 mm. If you use a device with needles 1-2 mm long, then you pierce the skin quite deeply. So it is very easy to injure her, and as a result, get pigment spots in the area of ​​​​impact and puncture sites, ”Olga notes.

It’s better to leave the antediluvian methods, and for the fastest effect, use the innovation that our manufacturers have already launched – pochti with microneedles. What are these magical patches, you can find out here.

What patches remove wrinkles

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Wrinkles under the eyes are well smoothed by components that strengthen the skin, renew it, and moisturize it. The most light can be considered collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins. The course can use patches charged with retinol. Best once a week for a month. Due to the fact that retinol is a rather powerful component, against the background of frequent use, swelling, redness and peeling of the skin may occur.

1. Skyn ​​Iceland microneedle eye patches. 2. Patches for nasolabial folds Foreverskin. 3. Sun-Ake BLOM micro-needle patches for the skin around the eyes. 4. Hydrogel eye patches with SHANGPREE madecassoside.

What patches cope with pigmentation

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Pigmentation is our skin’s response to damage, whether it’s chemical, like improperly chosen skin care products, or physical, like UV rays. To eliminate it, you need to apply patches that contain brightening components, for example, vitamin C.

What patches remove bruises and swelling

mochi leather
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The problem of edema and bruising is equivalent. It needs to be solved by normalizing the work of the lymph and strengthening the blood vessels.

2. Peptide gel patches for the area around the eyes GENOSYS Eye Peptide Gel Patch. 3. Fabric patches for the area around the eyes Glow Erborian. 3. Thalgo eye patches. 4. Ansaligy bamboo charcoal lifting eye patches. 5. Hydrogel eye patches with Asian centella extract QURET.

“This is facilitated by patches with escin, horse chestnut extract, rutin, vitamin C,” says Olga.

What patches help to cope with “crow’s feet”

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“Crow’s feet” are mimic wrinkles that are exacerbated by aging or weakening of the skin.

“We have two ways to solve this problem: either reduce muscle movement, or increase the thickness of the skin and make the skin tighter. Only hydrogel patches will help in this matter. They enhance collagen synthesis and thicken the skin, thus reducing crow’s feet, while the hydrogel base creates a thermal effect that enhances the penetration of active substances into our skin. As a result, the hydrogel patch allows the hyaluron to penetrate deep into the skin, and the hyaluron synthesizes collagen, which allows the skin to become denser,” notes Olga.

1. Patches Anti-puffiness SUPER BEEZY. 2. Ninelle Collagen Patch Mask. 3. Eveline hyaluronic hydrogel patches. 4. Hydrogel patches for the skin around the eyes with hyaluronic acid and ARONYX collagen.

True, with strongly pronounced “crow’s feet”, neither a patch nor a miracle will help. Butolotoxin injections will cope with such a problem.

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