Peach cream – a new shade of hair for redheads, which will rejuvenate
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New Year is a time of change. And the first stylists wanted to please the redheads. In general, when you paint in such a bright shade, in any case, you get a charming beast. But what about those who want to become a little more gentle, less aggressive and softer? Arizona colorist Maggie Hancock opened the field for experimentation, demonstrating coloring for redheads that makes the image romantic and at the same time corrects facial features.

She married two contrasting shades on her client’s hair – red and cream blond. In order, as the stylist said, “to make the image more tender, but to emphasize a cheerful and bright personality.” It turned out to be a very interesting style. Moreover, Maggie scattered the light shades around her face, thus correcting the features and making them softer. In general, facial coloring is the latest trend that we wrote about here. This is one of the stylistics of the 90s, which came to the place and only flatters the hostess.

In coloring, the master used not two, but in fact, three colors. To make the red look more subdued, and the transition to beige does not cut the look, she mixed copper and bright red.

Photo: instagram*

True, Maggie claims that the resulting shade requires special care. For example, so that ugly pigments do not appear on the blonde strands, they will have to be worked out once a week using a special purple mask with pigments. For care, you need to use shampoo and balm, giving the shade brightness.

A separate story with the roots, it doesn’t matter if there is gray hair, dark or light hair, a sharp contrast with growing roots should not arise, otherwise there will be an ugly “cacophony” of shades.

Therefore, Hancock recommended that the client undergo a hair tinting procedure at the roots every two weeks, such is the price for an extravagant look.

For those who are not ready to spend money and time on such experiments, we offer the still relevant colorings of last year, with which the roots do not need to be corrected at all, and they can be attributed to romantic red shades. For example, a golden peach, which even domestic stars are still “wearing”, or spicy cinnamon.


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