What plants purify the air? There are quite a few of them, and we have provided a list for you so that you know what is worth buying. Plants that purify the air in the apartment create comfort, absorb noise, release phytoncides and oxygen.

Almost all indoor plants purify the air in the apartment from carbon dioxide and dust, while releasing oxygen. However, some absorb from the air, including poisonous gases. They kill pathogenic microbes and release air ions.

Put plants in small apartments where there is a lot of furniture or a huge amount of things.

  1. Aglaonema
  2. Maidenhair
  3. Venus hair
  4. Alocasia large rhizome
  5. Aloe vera
  6. Anthurium
  7. Andre
  8. Araucaria heterophyllous
  9. Asparagus densely flowered
  10. Aspidistra high
  11. Banana dwarf
  12. Begonia evergreen
  13. Hemigraphis alternating
  14. fragrant geranium
  15. Gerbera
  16. Jameson
  17. Guzmania
  18. dendrobium
  19. dieffenbachia spotted
  20. Dracaena deremskaya
  21. Kalanchoe
  22. Blossfeld
  23. Calathea
  24. Clivia cinnabar
  25. Codium motley
  26. Maranta white-veined
  27. Monstera gourmet
  28. Nephrolepis sublime
  29. Nephrolepis cordifolia
  30. Prickly pear
  31. Pachira water
  32. Peperomia clousieleaf
  33. Ivy
  34. Poliscias shrubby
  35. Poinsettia or Euphorbia the most beautiful
  36. Rapis low
  37. Ruellia tuberous
  38. Sansevieria
  39. Three-stripe
  40. Syngonium stalk-leaved
  41. Spathiphyllum
  42. Wallis
  43. Tradescantia white-flowered
  44. Phalaenopsis
  45. ficus
  46. Benjamin
  47. Ficus rubbery
  48. Philodendron blushing
  49. Date Robelin
  50. Fittonia white-veined
  51. Hamedorea
  52. Seyfritz
  53. Hamedorea graceful
  54. Chlorophytum crested
  55. Hovea Belmore
  56. Hoya fleshy
  57. Chrysanthemum garden
  58. Persian cyclamen
  59. Cissus rhomboidus
  60. Schefflera tree

“The most unpretentious, the most useful, the greenest. This is how I would describe this flower. Chlorophytum is a very unpretentious plant, it can grow both in the shade and in the sun, it is not demanding in care. Therefore, we can recommend it to beginner lovers of indoor plants.

In addition, he is very helpful. Chlorophytum, like geranium, is the best way to purify the air. Even a scientific experiment was carried out: plants of several species were placed in a special chamber and gases polluting the indoor air were pumped into it. Chlorophytum won, which in 24 hours completely cleared the air of the chamber, and more efficiently than technical devices specially created for this purpose. It breeds easily, so I recommend it.”

Myrtle (myrtle tree) releases substances into the surrounding air that can kill many pathogenic bacteria. To enhance the effect, it is recommended from time to time to pinch off a few leaves of myrtle and rub them between the palms, or tear them into small pieces and lay them out on shelves, tables, cabinets.

“The ability to kill microbes is possessed by: laurel (yes, that same ordinary “lavrushka”) and eucalyptus trees. Cleanse housing from toxins: dieffenbachia, ivy, dracaena, philodendron and aloe. Effectively emit oxygen: sansevieria, coffee tree, indoor chrysanthemums and ferns. And experts recommend placing myrtle directly in the nursery. That’s why I love indoor plants, because in addition to aesthetic pleasure, they also have practical benefits.

“Myrtle is really very useful – you can sprinkle it with warm water, and then it starts to smell like that! My mother (an experienced florist) puts a ficus near the TV – I don’t remember why, but also for some useful purpose, it cleans or something else, but ficuses have a bad effect on the state of mind – a very heavy flower in the bedrooms -Children are not recommended.


By Yara

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