Year and a half ago Vladimir Presnyakov and Natalia Podolskaya showed “7 Days” a new mansion, which still had to be extensively renovated. Recently, the couple celebrated a housewarming and again invited the magazine to show how they settled in their country house.

“Everything coincided very well with us: settling in a new house and my pregnancy … – said Podolskaya. – After all, I also have a twin sister, Yulia, who is expecting twins, and the difference in terms is only two months. Well, since a lot of children are expected, they will need a lot of space. So we gave them the whole third floor for a playroom. It will be a paradise for children, there are many corners, nooks and crannies where you can hide.

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The singer noted that the children’s area will be located next to the bedroom of the spouses. So this layout of housing turned out to be the most logical solution.

In addition, Natalia told how she spent the first night with Vladimir in a new house. According to Podolskaya, they slept very badly, and Presnyakov even began to itch from an excess of emotions.

“I decided that he was allergic, and asked to change bed linen. But it was the only such night, then we slept perfectly, ”the star emphasized. Read more>>


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