Rapunzel will call back: how to make wavy hair

Owners of smooth hair dream of curls, and curly hair, on the contrary, often use an iron to get rid of waviness. Nature sometimes makes mistakes. But any mistake can be corrected. We learn how to make natural curls that will last a long time and will not break the structure of the hair.


One of the easiest and most effective ways to get wavy styling. If you take care of your hair in advance, then you can easily do without styling products that can spoil your hair. Moreover, with braids it is not necessary to use a hairdryer. Yes, and the wave will be very natural. And so, let’s move on to a wonderful recipe.

The best option is to wash your hair the night before. Dry your hair naturally or use a blow dryer if you don’t have time to wait. It is not necessary to dry it completely, “al dente” for hair is when it is slightly damp. Now braid one braid – “spikelet”. Try to start it as close to the forehead as possible, then the waves will turn out from the very roots. Braid to the very ends so that they curl. Secure the braid with an elastic band and go to bed. In the morning, when you unbraid, get chic curls They are quite resistant by themselves, but to be sure, you can fix them with a small amount of varnish.Although without styling products, such waves will last for several days.

You can braid two tight braids, the effect will be about the same, but the root volume may be lost.


Mistakes: Waves may not work if the hair was wet enough. In a tight hairstyle, they dry very slowly. The night may simply not be enough. And wet hair will quickly stretch curls.


This is another styling option when you need enough time to dry your hair. Forget about the old hard curlers, you don’t have to sleep on them. Soft “boomerangs” are now in use. They don’t give me a headache even if I sleep through the night. They bend in all directions, which greatly simplifies the winding process. You can smoke any length of hair on them, they will not fall off and will not unwind.

The process of laying on curlers is about the same as for braids. Wind them on almost dry hair, let dry, remove, spray with varnish. The advantage of curlers is that it is not necessary to wash your head before the process. You can simply sprinkle with water or a special styling spray. Wind and dry, for example, with a hairdryer.

Mistakes: if you didn’t wash your hair before curling it, and your hair is heavy enough, then the curls can straighten out pretty quickly. Self weight + weight of styling products will stretch them out.

Hairdryer and brush


If the hair is not very long, you can try to create a wave during drying. You will need a round brush. Choose the diameter depending on how wide the wave you want to get. For natural curls, take a medium size. Wrap your hair around the brush and direct the airflow onto the strand. Blow well to dry completely.

To be sure, spray your hair with a curling spray before styling. And after drying – varnish to fix the result.

Some hair dryers come with a special nozzle for shaping curls. It is recommended for drying to owners of a perm. But this nozzle can create a wave on natural smooth hair.

curling iron

If time is running out, curls can be created with a curling iron. Divide dry hair into strands. Spray with styling spray and curl. Often, nozzles of various diameters come with a curling iron, there is also an option for spiral waves – there are notches on it. Just keep in mind that even the most modern curling iron harms your hair. Of course, nothing will happen from several times a month, but you shouldn’t get carried away with such styling every day, it’s easier to do a perm – your hair will suffer less from it.


Mistakes: curls may not work due to insufficient power of the curling iron. Choose the option that is more expensive and more productive. The more powerful the tool, the less you need to “warm up” the curl.


We weren’t wrong. It is suitable not only for creating a smooth hairstyle, but also perfectly forms waves. Clamp the strand, wind it once on the iron, and now pull it down. This will give you a very natural curl. The process will go faster than with a curling iron, the hair will heat up less, suffer less. Yes, and the installation itself will take less time.

cardinal variant

If you have definitely decided that you can’t go anywhere without wavy hair, do a perm. True, for long-term styling, contact the salon, home experiments in this matter can end in failure. The current formulations are quite gentle, some even with a restorative effect.


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