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The other day Alexandra Bortich became the heroine of the YouTube show “Gentle Editor”, where she was asked about her work as a waitress, the beginning of her acting career, her first reaction to hate on social networks and her recent divorce. They did not ignore the topic related to one of Bortich’s iconic film works – the role of Anya in the film “I’m Losing Weight”, which received excellent reviews from both critics and the audience.

Sasha in her interviews spoke more than once about how she managed to gain the necessary 20 kilograms, and then get rid of them. According to her own words, the actress is inclined to be overweight, therefore, it would seem that it cost nothing for her to bring the scales to the desired mark for the sake of filming. But everything turned out to be not quite so: it turned out that it was difficult not only to lose weight, but also to gain it. “I realized that my healthy big weight is sixty-nine kilograms. This is the threshold at which the weight just stood up, and no matter how much I ate, he did not come. But then I broke my body and recovered to seventy-six kilograms, ”says Bortich.

“I’m Losing Weight” was the first film in the world where an actress gets fat and then loses weight inside the plot. But so far, Sasha has not succeeded in losing weight to the ideal. “I’m just now getting to a comfortable body for myself and I’m still working on it. I want to reach the day when I look in the mirror and everything suits me. Because I’ve never had anything like this in my life. I have never looked in the mirror and enjoyed,” she says.

Meanwhile, such a sharp set, and then the loss of extra pounds, did not affect the girl’s health in any way: “Everything went smoothly until there were no health problems,” says Alexandra.


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