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Superfoods are a trend of recent years that is not going to lose ground. Healthy grocery stores open online and offline every now and then, and chia seeds and spirulina scatter from their shelves faster than hot cakes in nearby bakeries. The beauty industry picks up on such trends with lightning speed, and for the past year we have had the opportunity not only to eat “super food”, but also to enjoy the beneficial properties of various products, using them externally as part of our favorite cosmetics.

New masks Fructis Superfood, Garnier, just from this series. They even look like food: each of the four masks resembles whipped buttercream, and they are also 98% natural ingredients. You can use them in three ways:

  • like a balmafter shampooing. You need to apply the product to washed hair and rinse. They will be easier to comb and shine.

  • like a mask. Again, after shampooing, apply the composition to the hair, not reaching the roots, and hold it for at least three minutes. During this time, the strands will have time to be saturated with useful ingredients, become moisturized and more elastic.

  • like an air conditioner for dry hair. To hydrate ends, prevent tangles and instantly add shine, apply Fructis Superfood to dry hair. To do this, rub a little product in your fingers and walk along the tips. There will be no sticking effect, the hair will remain fresh and look more well-groomed.

Masks 3 in 1 for very dry hair and for colored hair Fructis Superfood, Garnier

We tried two versions of the mask – with a banana and with goji berries (there are also products with papaya and macadamia in the line). The first intensively nourishes very dry hair (works great on damaged ends), and the second restores dyed hair. Both of them are especially useful during the holidays – they will save your hair when they are negatively affected by the scorching sun and sea water.


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