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Traditional vacuum cleaners with long cords and dust bags are slowly becoming a thing of the past. They are being replaced by more “smart” vacuum cleaners – wireless vertical and robots. Both those and others can do not only dry cleaning of surfaces, but also wet. Upright cordless vacuum cleaners are light and maneuverable, robots are small and compact, but most importantly, they can do the cleaning themselves, you just need to press a button. What type of vacuum cleaner should you choose if you decide to replace your traditional “cleaner”?

Cleaning quality

If a more or less powerful traditional vacuum cleaner copes with cleaning dirt and dust quite well, then with its more advanced counterparts everything is much more difficult. Inexpensive and low-powered robots and upright vacuum cleaners clean poorly, expensive and powerful ones are quite effective assistants. Here, between the washing vacuum cleaner and the robot, you can put an equal sign.

Cleaning time

In standard mode, an upright vacuum cleaner works for 25-30 minutes, but this is enough to clean even a large area with your hands. Many upright vacuums come with a removable battery. You can buy another spare and change the dead battery during the cleaning process. Robotic vacuum cleaners can work an hour in maximum mode and 1.5 hours in standard mode. The smartest after recharging themselves continue to clean from the moment where they finished the work.

But what you yourself can clean with an upright vacuum cleaner in half an hour, the robot will clean in an hour without you, that is, your personal time for cleaning comes down to literally a couple of minutes that are needed to start it. The robot definitely wins here.


Photo: 123RF/legion-media.ru

A vertical vacuum cleaner can clean any room. They can vacuum a small pantry or car interior and there will be no problems with a large room either – it’s only a matter of time and your efforts. The robot vacuum cleaner can have difficulties. If the room is large and full of things, then the robot will stumble. Of course, robots are equipped with special sensors so that they bypass obstacles, but they do not always succeed. In the end, the robot can even get stuck. Before cleaning, it is better to remove all things and pieces of furniture that interfere with it. In a cluttered apartment, it is better to clean up with a vertical vacuum cleaner, in a large spacious apartment – with a robot. Here 1:0 in favor of a vertical washing vacuum cleaner.


A vertical washing vacuum cleaner with a large number of nozzles takes up quite a lot of space. In this regard, it is not much different from a traditional vacuum cleaner. The compact robot vacuum cleaner can be placed on a cabinet or shelf, under a sofa or on a windowsill. This “baby” will fit everywhere and in this category the victory is his.


A good robot vacuum cleaner costs more than a good vertical one, which is to be expected. Artificial intelligence, a machine with many sensors, stuffed with sophisticated electronics, cannot be cheap. You can, of course, buy a budget option for 5 thousand rubles, but you are unlikely to be satisfied with the quality of cleaning. You will have to keep an eye on such an assistant all the time.

Choosing a vacuum cleaner, focus on your needs. If you have a large and not cluttered house that needs to be cleaned every two or three days, and you don’t have time, then the robot will become a lifesaver for you. If you live in a small apartment, which also has a lot of furniture and things, then it is better to choose a vertical model.

The best option is to have a robot vacuum cleaner for wet and dry cleaning, and use an upright vacuum cleaner as a mop to killpick up trash locally when something is broken or crumbled.


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