Gray complexion, circles under the eyes, peeling and redness – do not want to see this in the mirror? Then learn how to properly care for your skin in winter. Otherwise, you cannot do without the help of cosmetologists and the purchase of special medical cosmetics. All these “pleasures” will fly into a round sum. It is better to take care in advance to preserve the beauty even in the most severe season. We have prepared for you some effective ways to take care of your skin in winter.


In winter and late autumn, skin should be handled much more carefully than in summer. No harsh scrubs or use of soap.

Washing water should be slightly warm. Hot can dry out the skin. If you are used to washing your face with soap or a thick gel, replace them in the cold with light mousses and foams, or better, use a special oil to remove makeup. It will not only cleanse the skin well, but also retain its natural moisture.

After washing, choose tonics without alcohol. They can break the lipid barrier of the skin, making it defenseless. Products with sulfates are not suitable for winter care, they cause dryness.

For a while, you should forget about the brushes for washing, no matter how soft they are. Brushes can lead to skin irritation and microtrauma.



In winter, the usual light moisturizer is better to change to a dense and rich one. And the water base – on the oil. Such a cream will better nourish the skin with the necessary substances and create a protective film on the surface, which will help fight frost and winds.

What cream will be ideal? Look for the inscriptions on the jar: “oil-based” / “oilbased“,” for sensitive skin”/”sensitive“,” protection from wind and cold “/”wind and cold
protection“. What should be in the composition: glycerin, silicone, sorbitol, oils, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants.


Do not go out for long walks in the fresh air without a protective cream. Choose pharmacy options for cold creams (frost creams). Options for children are also suitable, make sure that, if possible, there is no water in their composition. Special creams will protect you from the vagaries of the weather and nourish the skin with additional nutrients. And a walk, and a healthy cocktail for the face in one.

Not only a single cream can save the skin in winter. In addition to external care, internal care should also be added.

Drinking regime

Drink more water. Clean, non-carbonated, the simplest water. If you want – cool, if you want – warm, the main thing is not to forget to do this every day for several glasses. Thus, you will make up for the lack of fluid from the inside, which is observed even more often in winter than in summer.

Proper nutrition


In late autumn and early winter, we often forget about dietary nutrition. The colder it is outside, the stronger the desire to eat something very unhealthy, fatty, heavy. And the lack of sunlight literally pushes us to the counters with cakes and pastries to eat seasonal depression. Stop for your skin! Nutrition at any time of the year should be healthy and balanced, because everything we eat affects the condition of our skin.


In autumn and winter, we miss the sunshine vitamin the most. D. Since it will be difficult to get it in the sun, in natural conditions, you can buy a pharmacy version, or make up for the lack of products. Vitamin D present in decent amounts in mushrooms, tuna, sardines, caviar, egg yolk, cream, butter, fish oil.

It will not be superfluous to go to the therapist, your family doctor will be able to recommend a suitable multivitamin complex.

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