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The interior should not only please the eye, but also be comfortable and functional. What should be avoided in order to achieve this, our readers will be told by free space designer, architect and concept maker Alexander Osipov.

Cluttered kitchen

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Disorganized storage in the kitchen breaks the coziness of the most “family” part of the home, so it is recommended that you take appropriate measures and turn the kitchen into a well-organized space. Divide the room into separate zones and strategically divide storage into different categories based on frequency of use. Implement space-saving solutions with modular kitchen accessories to make the best use of every square centimeter of space.

Insufficient lighting

A common problem in many homes is the lack of sufficient lighting, which creates a dim and gloomy space where it is difficult to perform some daily tasks. It is best to use a multi-level lighting scheme that includes overhead light, reading lamps and floor lamps.

Alexander Osipov

Exposed cords and wires

The chaotic flow of wires around the apartment is striking, interferes with walking and collects dust. All wires should be connected as far as possible and removed from view. Use cable organizers, extension cords, cable sleeves and cable management clips to get rid of the clutter.

bulky furniture

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Bulky, large pieces of furniture not only visually narrow the space, but also violate freedom of movement. Think built-in furniture that doesn’t take up precious floor space. Choose wall shelves that don’t take up floor space. Prefer cabinets with frosted or dark glass fronts – wooden fronts give a bulky look. Rearrange the furniture so that there is enough free space in the house.

Dark tones

A feeling of spaciousness and freedom to maneuver helps to avoid many problems in everyday life and find in oneself a creative resource for creating coziness. Perhaps you live in a big city where space is in short supply. Or maybe your house has a large area, but it seems cramped because of the decor or furniture. In any case, in the end you do not have as much space as you would like. Unfortunately, there is no magic wand that can make your home look bigger (unless you’re ready for a major remodel). However, you can trick your mind into perceiving more space by applying some basic design principles. For example, designers often recommend using mirrors to visually enlarge a small space. Light colors and airy curtains will also help create the illusion of an extra room.


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