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Recently, celebrities are increasingly lightened, and if two years ago everyone tried on platinum blond, this season their hair is actually whitened to a shade of snow. This trend is called the Scandinavian blonde.

Fashion shade already tried on Lady GagaShay Mitchell, Michelle Williamscould not get past the trend and Kim Kardashian, though she decided only on a wig, and not on dyeing.

The difference between the Scandinavian blonde and platinum is that it is colder, almost icy, like snow. But the character of the shade is obstinate, so that it lies on the hair, you need 5-8 hours of work.

Stylists say that this color is not suitable for everyone. It is ideal for owners of fair or golden skin, hair color from light brown to light blond. In this case, the work will take less time, because the color will have to be raised by only 2-3 tones.

Shay Mitchell
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Lady Gaga
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A color with a Nordic character looks different under certain lighting conditions, for example, outdoors under the sun it shines and looks almost white, warmer indoors, transparent and as if icy in the spotlight.

Stylists claim that this color rejuvenates, makes facial features softer, and most importantly, helps to throw off 5-6 years from the age in the passport. True, this hair color obliges you to always be in shape, that is, to choose a certain style of clothing, always do makeup and styling.


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