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Beauty Selena Gomez it’s hard to envy: she again had to urgently change her place of residence in order to avoid the persecution of a maniac. The other day, the 23-year-old singer put up for sale her chic mansion in California, which she recently acquired in 2014.

Becoming his mistress, Gomez was beside herself with happiness. Her former home in Los Angeles was much less spacious. And in a new house with an area of ​​700 sq. m. arranged everything that she could dream of and even more: six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a swimming pool, a “spa”, a gym, a guest house and a cozy courtyard for parties. And the mansion cost relatively inexpensively – 3.7 million dollars. But the joy of buying did not last long …

Just a few days after Gomez moved into the protected area of ​​​​her mansion, a maniac climbed in! He was found in the guest house of the singer. Fortunately, the girl managed to call the police, and the man was arrested. Less than a month later, another pursuer appeared. He was on duty at the gate, which scared Selena very much. Over the past year, the singer went to the police three times and finally decided to sell the ill-fated mansion. She was tired of fearing for her life. There was already a sad experience in her past: the singer’s life was threatened by her boyfriend’s fans Justin Bieberwho were insanely jealous of her pet. And a little later, in 2012, Gomez began to receive letters with death threats from an unfamiliar 46-year-old man…

All these events have led to the fact that the singer now sees danger everywhere. Trying to recover, Selena began to intensively engage in yoga and meditation. I also downloaded a ghost-detecting app on my phone, just to be on the safe side.


By Yara

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