How to Look Gorgeous Without Makeup Every Day
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For most people working in commercial organizations, isolation is not synonymous with vacation. Many continue to work remotely full time, only from home. Company owners have provided their employees with remote access to the system, so everyday work at the computer is in full swing.

The bosses do not violate the long-standing tradition of planning meetings and meetings, they only go through Skype. And, if in order to participate in a general discussion of plans for the day, you don’t need to get out of your pajamas in principle, then make-up for kopeck pieces, who will have to appear in front of colleagues in the zoom format sacred work. We offer you interesting simple and quick make-up options for Skype conferences from star makeup artists.

Focus on the face and lips

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A number of makeup experts claim that when you zoom in on an image that happens on Skype, the interlocutors concentrate on your face as a whole, on your eyebrows and lips. Makeup should be focused on them.

It is important to give the skin a natural glow. To do this, you do not need to immediately take on the highlighter. Makeup artists advise mixing a few drops of oil that suits your skin type with your foundation. After applying this mix on the face with a brush, and a natural glow will appear.

Add soft contouring or just highlight the apples of your cheeks with blush, define your brows with pencil and gel, and apply red or berry lipstick on your lips. And the fact that you have no makeup in front of your eyes, the interlocutors will not even notice.

Do monochrome makeup

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For those who are always used to being in full dress, a make-up in monochrome style, but in warm colors, is perfect. It is best to give preference to a juicy peach. It makes the skin warmer and visually rejuvenates.

Apply a moisturizing spray to your face, work on any imperfections with a concealer, and then highlight the apples of your cheeks with peach blush, a moving eyelid with shadows, preferably cream (after mascara on the upper and lower eyelashes is welcome), and apply a ripe peach lipstick on your lips.

Add a bright accent

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You can choose a neutral lipstick and do without contouring, focusing on the eyes. One bright accent is suitable for this, namely the arrows. Ideally, they should be in color. For blue and gray eyes, the arrows are blue, blue or golden, for green and brown emerald, shades of fresh green, purple. Apply mascara in two layers.


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