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We are all used to the fact that every season beauty editors cover fashion trends in makeup and styling. It’s time to talk about trends in skin and hair care. In the spring-summer season, a lot of interesting and useful things await us.

Dominance of gadgets

FOREO LUNA 2 for Sensitive Skin Facial Cleansing Brush
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The facial gadget craze began with the famous Clarisonic. How many miracle brushes had understudies, clones and fakes, do not count.

Catching the wave, Korean manufacturers played an excellent game. They filled the market with gadgets for and against everything – from wrinkles, to relax the face and body, from acne (the famous infrared mask), next in line, they say, devices that will replace plastic surgeons.

By the spring-summer season, a whole scattering of gadgets is expected in the beauty sky. Manufacturers are changing the format. According to the Foreo institute and research laboratory, there will be devices on sale that can be put into the smallest clutch. It will be convenient to take them with you to sports, work or on a date, so that in the morning after a hot night, you will look perfect.

Another option that manufacturers of beauty devices will provide, according to the same Foreo, will be personalization for the owner. That is, the gadget can be customized to the individual needs of your skin and solve specific problems with it as they become available.

Artificial intelligence does not sleep, but develops more and more every year, at least watch a video where the robot Sylvia easily communicates with the hosts of various programs and jokingly threatens to “rob” (that’s right) the world.

Therefore, there is no doubt in the “mind” of new generation gadgets, but right now go and test new items in stores.

Superfoods in cosmetics

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The famous term superfood was coined by vegan Americans. Zozhniki and inveterate fighters for animal rights were looking for products that would be equal in value and benefit to meat and poultry. And they found them, dubbed superfoods. Initially, dietary supplements and nutritional supplements were made on their basis. But wise and savvy beauty gurus from Korea thought of adding superfoods to cosmetics. After all, it is important for the skin to receive nutrition and energy not only from the inside, but also from the outside.

As a result, for several seasons in a row on store shelves you can find patch masks with goji berries and acai, designed to rejuvenate every cell, hair products with chia seeds, which, being rich in omega-3, restore damaged strands.

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For two seasons, you can find creams and masks with kombucha extract, rich in enzymes and polysaccharides, serums with ginger and turmeric – powerful antiseptics and antioxidants, and, of course, beauty products with the root of life – ginseng.

By spring-summer, there will be even more cosmetics with superfoods, including those made by European brands that have picked up the fashion wave from Asia. We just have to try all this splendor for ourselves.

Probiotics in cosmetics

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Probiotic cosmetics, which has conquered Asia and is already storming Europe, threatens to win the hearts of consumers around the world. Probiotics are bifidobacteria. Recently, they have been added not only to preparations for the normalization of the intestinal flora (such as Linex), but also to creams, serums and masks.

Our skin also has its own flora, and the clan of beneficial bacteria in it is reduced under the influence of various factors. The task of cosmetics with probiotics is to compensate for the losses in this army, to strengthen the immunity of the dermis. It helps in rejuvenation, relieves inflammation and builds up the protective armor of the skin.

Influence of Instagram*

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Social networks have a strong influence on our lives, adjusting to insta fashion and cosmetics manufacturers. And it’s not just about funny packaging with hashtags or emoticons that attract the attention of consumers, but also about the internal content.

In the new season, there will be more skin care products with a bluer effect on the market, that is, two, three or even four products in one. They will fight aging, mask skin imperfections, add radiance and completely replace filters that, according to manufacturers, we will no longer need.

Acne cosmetics for adults

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It’s not just teenagers who suffer from acne; acne in adults is sometimes much more acute. Moreover, in terms of socialization, adults suffering from inflammation have a harder time than teenagers.

According to recent studies, employers at interviews send candidates with severe acne to the ban list, not paying attention to their merits and work experience. Indeed, in many organizations, not only labor skills are important, but also external data.

Therefore, manufacturers have directed their efforts to the production of acne products for adults. In the spring-summer season, they promise a whole wave of anti-acne products for those who are in their early twenties.


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