The scorching sun, active insects, rashes on the body are not the biggest, but still problems that can spoil the impression of a summer holiday. We’ll tell you how to deal with them.


The best treatment is prevention. This truth applies one hundred percent to sunburn. Don’t skimp on sunscreen when you’re on vacation: for it to work properly, you need to apply sunscreen generously. For the face, use a penny-sized amount of cream, and to protect the whole body, you will need about as much cream as would fit in a shot glass. Reapply a layer of cream every two hours to minimize the risk of sunburn.


The main signs of a sunburn: redness of the skin, pain when touched. If blisters appear, this means that the burn is no longer mild, but of moderate severity, and it will be more difficult to restore the skin after it. First, let’s figure out what to do with a mild burn.

Firstly, as soon as you feel that the skin began to redden and “burn”, you need to leave the beach. Then take a cool shower – the water should be just cool and refreshing, and not cold and especially not icy. Ice should not be applied either – this will only provoke a skin reaction to a shock temperature change.

After a shower, do not rub the sore spots with a towel. The skin can only be gently blotted or not wiped at all, but left to dry naturally. If the feeling of “burning” after the shower has not gone away, you can make a cool compress for 15-20 minutes.


After cooling treatments on dry skin, apply a soothing and regenerating agent: it can be aloe gel or a cream that contains panthenol, hyaluronic acid, ceramides or niacinamide. They will restore the damaged barrier, soothe irritation and relieve redness.

If blisters appear on the skin during exposure to the sun, the main thing is not to pierce them. Otherwise, you can get a scar or bring an infection into the wound. In this case, replace the shower with a cool bath and spend 10 minutes in it, but otherwise proceed in the same way as with a mild burn.

Acne on the back


In the summer, we often wear revealing outfits in which the back is visible. What to do to keep the skin on the back clean?

The first thing to think about is a thorough cleansing, because it is pollution that often causes acne and clogged pores on the back. If you go to the gym, spend as little time as possible in sweat-soaked clothes and shower as quickly as possible, even after a short workout.

Use salicylic acid shower products, and if breakouts are bothersome, look for creams and lotions based on benzoyl peroxide – it will help to cope with existing acne and prevent the appearance of new ones.

Insect bites

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You can relieve itching and redness from bites both with folk methods and with the help of special ointments, creams and gels. Antiallergic gels and ointments based on zinc and copper do a good job of relieving itching and restoring the skin. Tea tree oil will perfectly relieve itching and swelling – it has strong anti-inflammatory properties, and you can buy it at a pharmacy.

When biting midges, an obsessive and severe itching may appear, which is difficult to soothe. In this case, a weak solution of vinegar will help: mix one part of 9% vinegar with three parts of water and wipe the bites with this solution.

After bites, pigment spots sometimes remain on the skin, which do not go away for a long time. To prevent this, apply vitamin C serum or creams with soy extract to damaged skin – they will help to cope with pigmentation. And, of course, don’t forget to protect your skin with a high SPF cream, because the sun aggravates age spots.


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