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There is nothing better than to plunge into a bath with foam or milk after a working day, feel like Queen Cleopatra and disconnect from what is happening around.

True, in order not to experience discomfort in the form of itching, redness, dryness when leaving the bathroom, it is important to choose the right escort for bath procedures. With what “partners” and how to play a “soap opera” she told us Maria Kondratyeva, expert, training manager of the Weleda brand in Russia.

How to choose shower products


There are many products on the market today for every taste and color. True, you need to choose products for the shower, focusing not only on personal preferences, but also on the type, and most importantly, the condition of your skin.

For sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is not a type, but a condition. This skin, in which the protective armor is broken, is a hydrolipidic mantle. Therefore, such a dermis is easily redder, inflamed and suffers greatly from water (a cocktail of heavy metals and chlorine), shower gel (surfactants that create an alkaline environment), and hardly tolerates any communication with scrubs and peels.

If you have a whole palette of unpleasant sensations after a shower, then you have become the owner of sensitive skin that suffers from aquadermatitis.

The primary task in this case is to build up the protective armor of the skin. To do this, you need to abandon all alkaline gels, use products with a neutral pH, without sulfates and surfactants, or products from the children’s series.

If you still can’t do without foaming products, look for products from vegan lines that contain natural foaming ingredients (usually based on coconut meat or oil).

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1. Lipikar La Rocher-Posay soothing protective shower gel. 2. Herbal Aloe shower gel. 3. Cleansing Cream Uriage. 4. Ceramidin Dr.Jart+ shower gel.

Another gift for sensitive skin will be products with ceramides. These components restore the lipid barrier of the dermis, fight bacteria.

For oily skin

Ideal products for oily skin will be gels, but not simple ones, but filled with fruit acids. Acids remove the greasy film from the skin, pacify the work of the sebaceous glands, and prevent inflammation.

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1. Hidraloe Sesderma shower gel. 2. Shower gel English Pear Jo Malone. 3. Shower gel Heaven Harmony Avon Senses. 4. Aloe Holika Holika shower gel. 5. Cream shower gel Arctic Lumene.

For dry skin

Dry skin is constantly thirsty. To quench her thirst and help moisture not evaporate from the deep layers longer, firstly, never take a hot bath or shower, and secondly, use products in the form of milk, mousses or oils. They include oils, vitamins, plant extracts that soften the effect of hard water, nourish the skin and restore the moisture balance.

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1. Lipikar AP+ La Rocher-Posay Emollient Bath & Shower Oil. 2. Vegetable Beauty shower oil. 3. Natural shower gel with Botavikos macadamia oil. four. Shower gel for dry and sensitive skin AHA Body Soap Japonica. 5. Shower gel Marine Thalgo.

How to choose deep cleansing products


Once or twice a week, our skin needs a good cleansing. This is necessary to rid it of dead cells that simple shower gels or oils cannot remove. When we eliminate keratinized scales, we normalize skin respiration, blood microcirculation, and normalize skin nutrition.

For deep cleansing, you will find a whole series of scrubs and peels. In their composition, you can find abrasives in the form of apricot kernels, sea salt or beeswax. The latter options are the most gentle, getting under the influence of water, salt and wax soften, while the bones can damage or scratch skin prone to sensitivity.

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1. Moisturizing body peeling with Paeon Aqua Collagen Body Peeling PAEON collagen. 2. Body Scrub Botanical Jojoba Bead Scrub Restoring Christina Fitzcerald. 3. Precious body scrub Garnier. 4. Weleda birch body peeling.

In general, cosmetologists do not recommend peeling sensitive skin until its condition returns to normal. Otherwise, any, even the softest abrasive, can injure her.

If you have problems like cellulite, choose anti-cellulite scrubs.

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1. Saona Cosmetics Home Care Sugar Scrub. 2. Sugar scrub “Rice and tangerine” Botavikos. 3. Peeling shower gel Gel Douche Exfoliant Academie. 4. Exfoliating body fluid with sea salt Fluide Gommant aux sels marins THALION.

Their difference from the usual ones is that the composition contains components that stimulate lymphatic drainage and blood microcirculation – this is caffeine, menthol or peppermint extract.

What to take a bath with

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If you are a lover to lie in the bathroom, and not take a quick shower, then milk, oils, bombs and foams were invented especially for you. They soften water hardness, relax, relieve stress, thanks to aromatic additives, soften and moisturize the skin.

The main thing is not to apply these products on the skin, first take a bath (the water should be warm, no more than 37 degrees), then dissolve the products, and only then immerse yourself in the bath. No need to go on a “long swim”, you can take a bath with health and skin benefits for no more than 20 minutes.

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1. Bath salt Crestaux de Bail THALION. 2. Saki salt Botavicos. 3. Bath foam “Unicorn Horn” Lush.

Salt falls into a separate category of bathroom products. This is a special product that serves to rid the skin of toxins, relieve swelling and improve blood and oxygen microcirculation. Salt is dissolved in warm water in a proportion of 500 grams per 1 dose.

It turns out a therapeutic bath, which can be taken no more than 10-15 minutes. Remember, salt draws out not only toxins from the body, but also liquid, so after the “swim” drink a glass of pure non-carbonated water.


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