Bouquet of tulips and hyacinths

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The return of blue

Last year there was a boom in dyed flowers. Especially both buyers and florists themselves fell in love with Black molly carnations of blue and earthy shades. The top color of the beginning of 2020, florists recognize blue and blue. In spring, nature itself gives us such shades: sky-blue muscari inflorescences or purple carnations, blue hyacinths. It can be recognized that fashion is cyclical in floristry.

“Korean packaging”

Separately, we highlight this strong trend of recent years. Customers often choose “Korean packaging” for decoration, an Asian way of decorating a bouquet with numerous layers, frills and waves using a specially designed film. “Florists love this Asian style not only because of the ability to create interesting three-dimensional shapes, but also because of its practicality: this Korean film does not get wet and does not wrinkle, unlike craft, and also has a great variety of colors and textures. This is important for floristry, both creatively and commercially,” the experts of the flower delivery service told us. Florist.ru.

Bouquet of ranunculus, tulips, carnations, mimosa

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What to give today on March 8?

In addition to the “eternal spring classic”, Dutch peony tulips and ranunculus (otherwise they are called a water rose) have become a trend. Small tulip bouquets and deluxe baskets are still popular. The former are often given to colleagues. Miniature bouquets are convenient to put on the desktop and take home with you, they perfectly tolerate transportation and will not cause inconvenience during transportation. Volumetric bouquets (including baskets) are usually ordered with home delivery. If a man presents a bouquet to his beloved on this day, he should choose flowers with pink, cream and nude shades. Pastel shades, like no other, are suitable for expressing feelings, but the red color in floristry is not considered a symbol of love. All shades of red, according to modern florists, express aspiration and activity. That is why red, in terms of floristics, is the ideal color for a man’s bouquet.

Some of the innovations of past seasons smoothly flowed into this year and remain relevant. These include, for example, flower arrangements in wooden boxes. Such gifts are ideal not only for home furnishings, but also for the decor of an office space, loft, reception, cafe.

Bouquet of peony tulips

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How and where to buy flowers in Russia

In Russia, there is a change in consumer preferences, the behavior of the client in general, and the flower market only adapts to the preferences of customers – it sells there and in the way that the client wants. “We are seeing a big increase in orders through social networks (Instagram* in particular has grown significantly) and through the iOS and Android apps. Customers want to receive quick responses and prefer correspondence with Internet sites from a mobile phone to calls, ”the flower delivery service Florist.ru says. Placing an order not only in your city, but also with delivery to anywhere in the world when buying in the application, along with payment, takes 5-10 minutes, does not require calls, communication with managers and consultants. You can arrange the delivery of a bouquet in any environment, any noise level, the only condition is the availability of the Internet, and now this is not a problem. People get used to saving time, not wasting it on searches, trips and choices. Thus, to please a loved one with a bouquet of flowers, being thousands of kilometers away, is becoming easier thanks to modern Internet technologies. And one of the advantages of online stores: it is possible to order a bouquet you like in advance and avoid wasting time and effort searching for it on the last day, standing idle in the “March flower lines”.


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