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Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and actor Jason Statham bought the historic four-story home for £7.5m in October 2020. This is an old Victorian townhouse in which the couple is going to raise their children. In February of this year, the couple had a daughter, Isabella, and they are also raising a four-year-old son named Jack. Previously, the couple lived for almost 10 years in a luxurious villa in Malibu, but Rosie admitted that she missed home and the British sense of humor. Rosie and Jason’s move to a mansion in London’s trendy Chelsea district is thought to be related to her homesickness.

The property still seems to be under development, but already now, from the photos that the supermodel shares with subscribers, you can guess some of the design ideas. One of these photos, the Victoria’s Secret angel signed: “The design of my dreams.”

Very large open plan dining area with a seating area at one end and a dining table at the other is the perfect place to cook for the whole family.

Dining room example:

The design is planned to be done in soothing colors: gray, white, beige and brown-clay. In one of the interviews, Rosie admitted that if her modeling career did not work out, she would like to become a designer. It seems that it is in the arrangement of this house that she will be able to realize her talents. The magnificent exquisite taste that the supermodel demonstrates in choosing clothes does not let her down when decorating her home!

In addition to high ceilings, large windows are another plus of the house. So, a well-lit room is painted in an incredible cream color and blends perfectly in tone and texture with a wooden floor.

Meanwhile, in some photos brick wall slabs, pieces of marble, wood and several types of carpets are visible. A successful mix of textures that seem incongruous at first glance, natural materials in neutral tones are what make the interior cozy, elegant and expensive.

An example of a living room design:

It is expected that and upholstered furniture will be selected in a minimalist styleand an abundance of plants will enliven the interior and set accents.


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