Together with Veronica Fangahra, the owner of the Fangahra Corsets corset workshop, we decided to find out why underwear corsets have not sunk into oblivion, but, on the contrary, are gaining popularity.

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The history of corset creation dates back several centuries. During this time, he underwent many transformations, went out of fashion, entered it again, changed under its influence, but one thing remained unchanged – he always attracted attention. And if at first it was conceived solely to improve female forms, and no one thought about its ergonomics and wearing comfort, now everything has changed dramatically. All materials that are used in the production of modern corsets are light, safe, and do not pose a health hazard or discomfort to wear.

What is the use of a corset

Corsets are worn as a figure-shaping accessory or worn over clothing as part of an outfit. The corset has several undeniable advantages: it reduces the waist, lifts the chest, changes the posture from stooping to royal. There is an opinion that corsets are unsafe and can be harmful to health, for example, by deforming internal organs. But Veronica Fanghahra disagrees. These misconceptions stretch from the Middle Ages, when society considered beautiful women with a waist circumference of no more than 45 cm, now this is not the case.

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Which celebrity wears a corset

The most beautiful women in the world, including Victoria’s Secret models, wear corsets. Beauty Rosie Hightington Whiteley believes that corsets give a special zest to female beauty. Kim Kardashian gives her sensual curves even more contrast by wearing a corset. Dita Von Teese does not come out of her stage image of the queen of burlesque, in which the corset is the protagonist 24/7.

American top models Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadidactresses Amanda Seyfried and Jennifer Lawrence do not hide their love for corsets.

In Russia, corsets are also popular with celebrities. For example, a singer Rita Dakota after pregnancy, with their help, she came into shape, and blogger and TV presenter Anastasia Ivleeva unequivocally called a corset the best way to straighten her posture.


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