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The Beckhams bought a converted farmhouse in the beautiful tiny village of the Cotswolds back in 2016. The area looks very picturesque – it consists of thatched cottages, monuments of architecture, a traditional village pub and a shop.

Recently it became known that the family made significant changes to their mansion. The key updates touched both the most luxurious cottage and the site, where a huge football field and stands for spectatorswhich cost the couple half a million dollars, as well as a whole lake with a depth of 1.2 meters at a price of 235 thousand dollars!

The Beckhams make the most of the space. Inside the house they built their own wine cellar, sauna and small swimming pool.. It also now has an underground tunnel leading to a new garage (and if rumors are to be believed, a hideout in case of robbery).

There is also a separate outdoor swimming pool on the site itself.

The latest addition to the house is safari style tent worth almost $59,000, which David and Victoria installed next to the lake. It can be used for barbecue and other entertainment.

Home Victoria’s office is decorated in a rustic style with loft elements.

Wooden floors, exposed brick walls, and floor-to-ceiling windows with brown curtains maintain a barn feel. Two mustard yellow velvet chairs and a wooden table stand at the far end of the room by the window. Different types of textures and colors are perfect for each other!

On Victoria’s desk you can see a table lamp and a vase of flowers, and in the corner there is an additional floor lamp made of black metal. A large olive green rug adds warmth to the space.

The kitchen is a beautiful space with exposed brick walls and bottle green built-in cabinetry, wood countertops and copper pots.hanging from the ceiling. A chandelier adds a glamorous finishing touch.

It’s the perfect place for cooking: a wood-fired pizza oven, a large wooden dining table.

Carefully organized pantry with open shelveson which spices are placed in transparent containers with labels.

We really like this organization of storage in the kitchen: it looks stylish and you do not need to spend a lot of time looking for the right ingredient and spices – everything is in sight!

The Beckhams’ living room also features a long wooden dining table with leather-backed wooden chairs, a bright chandelier, and a fireplace.. The exposed brick walls and high wooden ceiling hint at the home’s farming origins.

A patterned rug in front of the table completes the interior and makes it even more cozy and homely.


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