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Thoughts about the long-awaited summer vacation are irresistibly connected with the sea, the sun and the beach. Often such an associative array leaves a bitter aftertaste, because not everyone manages to lose weight by the summer, but every girl wants to be the most beautiful and stylish. In this case, a one-piece striped swimsuit comes to the rescue. Such a swimsuit, no worse than a separate one, will emphasize the figure of thin girls, and, if necessary, will correct the shape of curvy ladies. The main thing is to correctly approach the choice and not get confused – which strip is needed?

Contrary to the myths about the dangers of a horizontal strip, it can help both visually remove extra pounds (choose a swimsuit with a narrow horizontal strip) and add volume where necessary (a wide contrasting strip will help).

A vertical strip can also play into your hands, or it can visually worsen the figure. Only the rules here are exactly the opposite. To remove extra centimeters, when choosing a swimsuit, you need to pay attention to a wide strip. Dark stripes will mask unnecessary side parts of the body, leaving a light stripe in the center, which, thanks to an optical illusion, will visually make the figure slimmer.

1 – Asos, 2 – Triumph, 3 – Etam, 4 – Next.com.ru , 5 – Mango, 6 – Solid & Striped, 7 – Next.com.ru

1 – Asos, 2 – Triumph, 3 – Etam, 4 – Next.com.ru , 5 – Mango, 6 – Solid & Striped, 7 – Next.com.ru

An interesting idea is the diagonal stripe. The requirements for it are the same as for the vertical strip.

You need to be careful when choosing a color. This applies to both horizontal and vertical lines. Warm shades add volume, .cold shades slim.


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