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Due to the pandemic, many of us have switched to remote work – and someone will remain there even after all restrictions are lifted. But in order to work at home or simply perform some tasks at home, it is necessary to allocate a separate place in the apartment so that nothing interferes with the working atmosphere.

Few people manage to allocate an entire room for this, and therefore we offer several options for how to combine several functional areas in one room at once, arrange a bedroom and a place to work.

Proper lighting

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To begin with, we recommend placing the workplace by the window – or even on the balcony. Thus, the light will illuminate the work surface well and help create the feeling of an office space.

Do not forget about the correct artificial lighting, because often working activity increases precisely in the evening. Cold white shades contribute to better concentration of attention, while yellow color relaxes the human body.

When finishing and furnishing the working area with furniture, experts recommend avoiding materials with a glare surface – gloss not only tires the eyes, but also destroys the working mood.

Furniture zoning

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Dividing a room into zones using furniture is the most mobile and functional way. Choose for this large items with a convenient storage system. For small rooms, transformer models are suitable. It can be shelving, wardrobes, whatnots, and sometimes even upholstered furniture.

Life hack: bookcases, unlike wardrobes, form a non-continuous partition. Thanks to such designs, light can freely penetrate into the far part of the room.

Partitions – a simple solution for dividing a room

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Another popular and easy way to divide a room into two functional areas is to use partitions. It can be curtains or small structures made of drywall, wood and even brick.

Partitions can be made by hand. Zoning a room with a partition of rails is the most common option.

In order to build such a partition, you will need to install guides on the ceiling and floor. After that, the surface is assembled in a typesetting way. The advantage of such a partition lies in the cheapness and availability of the finishing material, as well as in the light transmission for the rest of the room.

Zoning with colors and textures

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Do not want to arrange a pile of various structures and break an already small room into its component parts? Then feel free to use colors! The alternation of color elements gives endless possibilities for zoning and visual highlighting of different zones.

As for the color shades of each area, it is better to use muted and pastel colors in the sleeping area, and highlight the work area in brighter colors.


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